A cute little girl named "Meline"


Great stuff ssebastienn! I love the hair dynamics. It looks awsome.


question?hi Ssebastienn, it would be interesting to know what do you plan to do with your girl, i mean, what animation are u planing? things so far looks wonderful, it would be sad if it would not evolve to something bigger:)


:: S3b ::
Thanks! glad you like the hair! :stuck_out_tongue:

:: maantas ::
Hey! :slight_smile: My girlfriend & I are making this character as a hobbie, something creative that we can do together, something fun that is not work-related. :slight_smile:
So, of course, we want to make it an animation… but we don’t really know how it’s gonna turn out, what will be the story. :o)

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sebastien LABAN


Yellow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a rendered turn-around of the Hair Only.


  • The hair system is rendered with Maya Software.
  • Each frame is rendered in about 3minutes and 30secondes.
  • There is 4 Lights around the head (specific for the Hair shader) with 2048px Shadow maps.
  • A useBackground shader to mate the head and cast the appropriate shadows.

Next time, i’ll use the previous animation of the head (shown here : VIDEO OF THE ANIMATION)
What do you guys think?

Cheers! :slight_smile:
Sebastien LABAN


This is nuts… REALLY really good stuff! can’t wait to see a render with lights and stuff!!


Hi Sebastion

Really exciting stuff you and your partner are doing right now. getting the same kind of look with hair fx in maya is my goal as well so its great to see the WIP of someone more experienced than myself. Your fantastic motivation for a student like myself so keep it up! :slight_smile:


you have a dont a very good job on the hair and her face, and i cant wait to see the previous animation rendered with the hair on…

if you could add more light to the ribbon it would be better i think, cause now it has disappeard abit…


:: Giom ::
Me too!!! I can’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue:

:: Morph106 ::
I’ll tell her that, she’ll be happy :o)
For the WIP, I’ll see what i can do :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

:: benkashmir ::
I don’t have a lot of time to work in her right now, but i’m expecting the animation tomorrow on the day after gladly! :slight_smile:

Thanks you all! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sebastien LABAN


hey everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the wip dynamic animation of the hair with the new shader. :o)

There’s a weird separation on the back of the head. I’ll fix that :slight_smile:
C&C welcome! :slight_smile:

Sebastien LABAN


Gees, really looking good! The dinamics and colour seems spot on!


:: Giom ::
Thanks! :o)
Looking for a skin shader to apply on the face.
I’ll try the famous misss_fast_skin. I saw good reviews and picture on cgtalk about that shader. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :o)
Sebastien LABAN


te hair looks great! I can still see a hard edge/kink in there but I’m sure you can tweak these out :smiley:

about the skin shader, have a look at your pms (private messages, not pre menstrual syndrome :P)


Woaw thanks!!! can’t wait to get my hands on that miss_fast_skin :o)

Sebastien LABAN


now how can i say this tactfully…would there be any chance of you being able to pm me with a particular shader that was procurred from yet another cgtalker, namely…Phillip?

pls pls pls pls…i could go on…but seriously, i would love a chance to rip up something like that and find out what makes it tick.
…if thats cool with you ofcourse sebastion. pls.


LOL :slight_smile: maybe I should just post it in my thread then, eh? :shrug:


I would LOVE to see a tutorial on creating a good skin shader! :smiley:

@Sebastien, great work on the hair! Everything looks right! :thumbsup:


hahaha! it looks as if someone made a stop motion animation for a wig (or whats it called…well… those fake hair that bold guys wear…) :bounce:

me like this thread :buttrock: …

but still… i wanna see more of the ribbon… its hiding there…


Hey Sabastian, the hair looks 100% natural i’m so anxious to see your little girl finished. :thumbsup:


:: Morph106 ::
Yeah! :slight_smile: Philip put on his thread 2 useful screenshots of the hypershade and misss_fast_skin attribute editor! :slight_smile:

:: M31 ::
Thanks! :slight_smile:

:: benkashmir ::hihihi! :o) I’ll put the head this weekend :slight_smile:

:: FlaminGlow ::
hihihi me too! :o)

Thanks guys!
Sebastien LABAN


:bounce: update, update :bounce: