a commander, Jian Xu (3D)


Title: a commander
Name: Jian Xu
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

hey,all.This is my character work, i made it for a game,it is a commander.i want to make him a determined and brave black man,have expressions and powerful.
i made it by 3dmax 9 and photoshop,rendered by mental ray
I hope u like it!


5 stars from me.
Amazing technically and has a great deal of emotion as well.
Great,Great work.


Very nice! :wink:


it’s a peac of art and high quality , you have done a great job .


Nice work on the materials and rendering :thumbsup:


wow man, good work. but i feel that nose is not going with it. its too wide and heavy. may be it depends on taste. :slight_smile:


very very cool, I really like the light and clothes!


:thumbsup: Really good work, very impressive. :thumbsup:


It is very realistic! From me 5+5. Really in work it was not applied ZBrush, but only 3dsMAX? If so 5+5 it a little, would be desirable 10+10!


Great work! I really like the shader & texture work on his skin, only crits are the crows feet on his left eye seem to form a slight distracting pattern. In addition, due to the high contrast , his finiger tips become a focal point but that may be your intention. Other than those really small ,nit-picky, things this is solid! high marks!


5 stars:beer:…



You NOT use Zbrush?

The skin looks great, as the clothes are very well done.

Can you post a wire please? (thats realy helps the noobs like me)
And how big are your texture maps?

well to much questions, have a nice day



You deserve some award for this piece.
It’s absolutely stunning. 5 stars from me :beer:

  • Terje


:thumbsup: 5 stars only! work…nice!!!


wow :o!!


oh my dear god.
you make me cry:cry:
5 stars are not enogh for this character.
but for me ,the bump on the face is a little slight compare with the neck.except that,everything looks amazing.


Good work.


Wow man… this is some truely great work!! Awesome job. It is getting very close to photo-real… nice work on the modeling on shaders… I think the only crit i can give tho is for the spec on the face especially - seems a bit too even… Maybe the spec map could use a bit more break up and differences in areas of dryness and oil on the face. But other than that - this is a superb image! 5 stars!
Keep it up!


Looks like Djimon Hounsou. really amazing work, a real inspiration!


Never seen 5 star rating around. :eek: And yeah, 5 stars from me too.:beer: