A Clown, Donseeg (2D)


Title: A Clown
Name: Donseeg
Country: United States
Software: Painter

I have a thing about clowns…
Anyway, this is an image that I painted in Painter while recording a script of the process and then saving it out as a movie for my presentation at the Game Developers Conference in about three weeks. Sorry about that rather long sentence.

This image took about 2 hours to paint and is really an experiment with some new techniques I am trying to develop and refine. The image is painted at the size you see it and generally approached in a much rougher and less finished manner than a full blown illustration woule be. I find that if I paint too refined an image, the audience will often loose track of where I am working. These quick and dirty paintings are a great way to try new techniques and just have a good time. Only four brushes were used, two of them custom variants that I built.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are of course welcome and appreciated. Cheers


Always a pleasure to see your work, Don. Very interesting to see this ‘actual size’ too. Fun stuff!


Love your work! It’d be fun to watch you work.


Nice work…:thumbsup: Steven Kings “IT”


Sweet picture! I like the use of simple brush strokes that flow like stitchmarks of color.

Subjectwise, I don’t think any clowns are creepier than my grandma’s collection of hobo clown art/figurines/etc. Maybe it is the combination of grandma’s house with WAY too many clowns around or maybe the hobo clown is just innately creepy.


great work! Don ! , I’m your Fan!! just bought your book (photoshop edition) and it’ great!!
hope to see more of your work!!


Outstanding! It doesn’t get much creepier than that… Love your work, it’s such a great source of inspiration. This one has a really nice texture to it, like so many of your paintings. Is that paper texture or is it a result of brushes you use?

Any chance you might post the script here??


Is there any chance we can download the movie in wich you made this image?

Oh boy… I hope so!

Loved the painting!


I love it, clowns scare the shit out of me and this one is no exception.


The texture surprises very good!


Exelent work!:thumbsup:


hey don,

I very much like your brush-style. Even if you describe it is a scetch the textures have detailed lookl. cool stuff.

Maybe the right arm looks a bit unconnected onto the body probably because the shoulder part is higher compared to left one.

best regards


Thanks everyone for having a look and the comments. I just might post the movie on my web site after the Game Developers Conference. Right now though it is rather large (59 meg) so I will need to save it with a different codec to a more reasonable size.

Fahrija, the comment about the shoulder is a good one and I will have to be more careful in the future. i was trying for a lower point of view thinking that that would compensate for the shoulders not being on the same lever but if it does not work, it does not work.

Einar, most of the texture in this particular image is created using brushes. It is slightly reinforced with a custom paper texture about mid way through the painting process.

Thanks again every one.



Sweet.Cool design.Love the nail.


very nice.
I like the silhouette and the lighting.
nice use of brushes.


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