A chinese PIC


this pic is belonged to a old chinese artist ,and i hope everyone like it .i take it out ,in order to tell some chinese graphic designers Don’t forget our country’s quintessence


this is another one!every chinese must think it deeply


They’re beautiful pictures. That’s the Monkey King, isn’t it? He was a featured character in the novel Laughing Sutra. I think you have an interesting point to make, but you might want to start a thread in the General Discussions forum since you’re not looking for critiques regarding your own work. Just a thought.


love this art…i’m very interested in eastern art…thanx for posting…we want more!!


really amazing stuff, very detailed and well done in every way



Thank you for posting these. There are many masters, from many cultures, that it would be very good for all of us to learn from.


very impresive …


Hello, I adore, a chief visual, cheer!!!


O…M…G… love the chinese style n very meanningfull!


:eek: THE MONKEY KING :smiley:
i always watched the series “the journey to the west” on TV when i was young. it was my favourite.
i was always fascinated by his power. (hope you also know the story)
this is the scene where the monkey king got betrayed by the gods and his revenge :stuck_out_tongue:
i really love it :smiley:


my Monkey KING


beautiful, just beautiful. So detailed and yet not cluttered. the colours and textures are superb! :applause:


Your pic haves a atmosfere of a draw maked all in the hand,like in the old times, with ink, colors and hours of hard work.:applause:

It´s maked in a computer, but the picture have the charm and the magic of the past.

Congratulations, friend.

I will be wating for more. :bounce:


I always loyal to the monkey king. because i borned in 1980


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