A CG Software Wish List


I apologise for participating in sidetracking your thread with something that’s ultimately off topic, but the fact remains that, by your own admission on that other site, you do not have a PhD. Placing an unexplained A in front of it in your profile here doesn’t make your representation of yourself in any way less dishonest; there is no such thing as an autodidactic PhD, and by putting the term “PhD” in your profile, you’re actively attempting to misrepresent yourself to users here as something you’re not. I am not going to argue this with you, because the fact is that you do not possess a doctorate and therefore have no right to call yourself a doctor or claim to hold a PhD. That’s the last I will mention it in this thread though, as I acknowledge that it is unfair to use your thread to discuss it.

In short, I don’t apologise for what I’m saying, but I do apologise for using your thread to say it. Suffice to say that I think you should consider removing the PhD from your CGTalk profile information.

I’ll stay out of your thread now.


I’d like:

  1. Blender with free licence (e.g. MIT, not the GPL bullshit) and without the fanboys,
  2. pony for Christmas, and
  3. more threads like this, I am laughing so hard right now! :wink:


Before this thread gets locked, I would like to make a (long) point.

In a modern context, I agree that it is wholly inappopriate to label yourself as something you are not. There are formalities and technicalities when it comes to such things. One of the purposes to attending accredited institutions is to establish some common ground.

It’s not as if I can wave a wand and make Leigh a neurobiologist. It doesn’t work that way. I’m not qualified to bring her up to the standards in that area. That’s why these institutions exist; not just to bust balls for a span of years, but to set a bar and provide some level of cross-institutional uniformity.

These credentials allow me to differentiate an enthusiast from a true professional. This is to weed out the unqualified quacks.

Having said that, although I believe that this “piece of paper” should decide whether or not you can carry that PhD title, I also believe that self-education is a very powerful thing.

IMO, I feel as if it is entirely possible to be as qualified as a PhD without ever having gone through the formalities of it all. I do. It requires an insane level of self-discipline, but it’s possible.

Just because these institutions exist doesn’t mean that they’re the one and only fountain of knowledge. Most of history’s greatest minds learned stuff that wasn’t on any syllabus. Knowledge and learning predate schools. Just because you leave school doesn’t mean that the process has to end. You can keep learning and even innovating on your own time.

I’m not going to mock Mr. Charbonneau. It’s not my place. I don’t think that he should be calling himself a doctor, as I am unable to verify whether or not he meets the required criteria. However, I’m not going to mock him.

On a personal level, I consider myself a science enthusiast with intense passions for theoretical physics & electrical/mechanical engineering. I had once considered majoring in physics and was even accepted to MIT back in the day, though I could not attend due to financial reasons.

I simply LOVE phsyics and have a knack for it. I’m the type of guy who keeps personal journals & digital white boards. My idea of relaxing consists of so-called “thought experiments” and doing the math for this independent research. I’ve been hardore into physics for 26 years, since I was 13yo. I even taught myself Calculus to such a level that I had already qualified for 3rd year college credit by the time I was 18. Like I said, I have a passion for these all things revolving around science.

NB: As a 7yo, I’d routinely disassemble the household electronics and rewire them into new devices. It really frustrated my parent to no end when I was a child. They eventually had to break down and get me my own electronics supplies and tools. :stuck_out_tongue:

I “get” how somebody could be qualified without a degree. It’s entirely possible. Knowledge isn’t something you can confine to buildings. HOWEVER, because I don’t have the credentials, I would NEVER call myself a doctor of such & such. I am a “man of science”, not a PhD. To suggest otherwise would be unethical and likely illegal. People trust these titles and degrees. They believe what the people with them say, often to a fault.

Respectfully, Mr. Charbonneau, you may be a man of science, but you are no doctor. It is a blatant act of misrepresentation. Don’t allow yourself to get recognized and singled out for the wrong reasons.


As friendly as scripting is, you’re always better off with a lower level language for something like this. Whenever you’ve got math intensive operations, you want to avoid the middle man wherever possible. Every ounce of performance counts. I’m much more fond of C/C++ and ASM. The performance benefits are that much greater, especially as the amount of manipulated data increases. You’ll hit your bottleneck much quicker with Python.

A few of the things I’d like to see:

  • Metrics that matter beyond the labels
  • Greater floating point precision.
  • Surfaces based on user defined formulae.
  • A white board type note taking system.
  • Project organization.
  • A high level math interpreter/calculator
  • Decent support for 3D printers & other rapid prototypers
  • Support for at least the most common import/export formats.
  • Auto save
  • Crash reporting & recovery

For a CAD/CAM/CAE, the laundry list is practically endless here. I’d love the simplicity of something like AutoCAD or Cinema4D, but the higher focus on math and customization of something like Maple.


Oh, I agree. I’ve programmed a number of apps on my own over the years. They are very labor intensive. The amount of discipline required to maintain focus and meet goals is just insane. Most people can’t do it. More over, you’re likely to fall behind the curve once you do finish. It does take a team to build something large scale. That’s why, at this point in my life, I only focus on tiny helper apps and plugins for my own use. I can’t waste the next 3 years trying to build something that will only be “good”, at best. If you want to design something truly cutting edge, something that really fills these wish lists, you have to throw more hands and brains at the problem. There’s strength in numbers.


Respectfully, Mr. Charbonneau, you may be a man of science, but you are no doctor. It is a blatant act of misrepresentation. Don’t allow yourself to get recognized and singled out for the wrong reasons.

As I have propounded continuously, a circuit court judge disagreed with you. Illegal is for someone to claim the Ph.D. from somewhere they never attended or, especially, to practice medicine. The judge apparently saw no harm, so didn’t fine or otherwise reprimand me. Non of you are judges.

In Webster’s Student addition dictionary, 70’s vintage I think, the 5th definition of doctor is simply “an educated man.” The root word itself means teacher. One knows if they are entitled to, thus right to demand as I have, the title of Philosophical Doctor. Autodidactic simply adds the “self appointment” issue honestly. Perhaps I’m the first to stand up against academic forms of oppression. I do have the right to the title and will argue that no further, but to satisfy the ones who mention my lax profile, I’ll update that ATIA.

As for the languages, I see Python as LisP language, although there is Py2Exe. For it to be included as a LisP, would keep with current conventions. Most of your list is already in mind.

There are some good ideas showing up, but I imagine once the institution mindset (reminding those that some of the deeper thoughts in that other site thread suggest institutions may not exist before long as we know them today…) decides it is less narcissistic to assume the title of doctor than genius or even artist (how many of you can really draw, paint and cast realistic shadows into a rendering without these machines?), perhaps some of you will be using one particular app or another and think of something. An example is the “k” rip key in Blender. There’s no constraining key so one can align the rip to an axis. Things like that tend to demand a trip back to the code editor, since the CG software is now the proverbial drawing board.


Don’t you think I’m doing a bit of that with this thread? Don’t worry about how much I can accomplish on my own. I am totally aware of the magnitude of the project and of my own rate of productivity. In 2000 Dr. James Kent single handedly wrote a program that decoded 1/3 of the DNA sequences of a mouse. As with all artists, it’s different strokes for different folks :wink:

As time goes on, I hope to refer to this thread as food for thought. What do you folks want to see a CG app do?


What type of stuff do you smoke? And… pass it along man :wink:

I shall now be known as A. Sir Almighty Saint BrainFreeze M.D.
And if you question that, there’s a judge that disagrees with you!


No disrespect intended, but you are getting seriously hung up on semantics.




so academia is a form of oppression and institutions may not even exist in their current form for much longer, but you want to use academic titles and qualifications for yourself anyway.

what a load of bs.


Render a third of a mouse