A career in CG - your favorite memories


So I’m feeling nostalgic today. I found myself thinking about some of my favorite memories related to pursuing CG and was curious to hear yours -

Mine are, in no particular order:

The early days of CGSociety (Cg Talk back then IIRC) where it felt like we were all coming up through the ranks together (I miss Spiderpig and Artbot - and where has Leigh been?)
The day I discovered that XSI Foundations was only $500, was basically fully functional and would serve as my gateway to the industry
All the weekends I spent in my 400sq ft apartment with the lights off working away at my computer - trying to grow my skills
Seeing a piece I did play on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square

Also, I started in FX at the tail end of the “practical FX” era. CG was in its infancy and places like Stan Winston’s shop and people like Aaron Sims were starting to push CG as a tool for design. Making the transition from doing practical FX to things like sculpting in zBrush and just being there in person for such a massive paradigm shift was pretty incredible.

What are some of your favorite moments?


My favorite moment was when I managed to get a blue chrome sphere to reflect on a white chrome floor in PovRay.

There was no GUI at all - you had to type everything into a text file PovRay can read.

The single frame render - 640 x 480 pixels if I remember correctly - took about 2 days to complete on an 80386 CPU.

That was my first raytraced render ever. Very exciting. I was doing real rendered CG for the first time. That was a big deal at the time because raytracing was so new.

My best times after that were creating and rendering animations in TrueSpace, Bryce, 3D Studio (before MAX) and an early version of C4D.


I used to own an Atari ST and an Amiga. There was no internet as such back then, so I got all of my stuff from cover discs on magazines ( I cannot believe how many magazines I used to consume back then - I had way too many hobbies ).

Like skeebertus, I first dabbled in a free raytracer. Chrome balls on chequered floors. I was fascinated. Then fractals. Then art programs. I loved those magazines.

I then discovered STOS - ST Operating System. It was a like BASIC but with game design aspects. That sucked me into CG graphics even further.

Then 3D World magazine came out. Every month, I would look forward to the free stuff on the cover CD - Bryce, Poser, Strata (? - I think).

I then hung around the 3D World forum for a few years and even became a mod for a bit. We all used to think this place (CGTalk) was full of miserable bastards! ( Leigh was the reason for that, although over time I saw she was actually very fair and professional ).

Then I was good enough to make a few pennies out of CG and also to complement my actual trade ( Bathroom and Kitchen designer and installer ).

Then I got old and ran out of friends who shared the hobby. Now I just hang around here being miserable and sarcastic.


On the Amiga the equivalent was AMOS.

There are still STOS/AMOS like products like this one:


BlitzMax (which was an AMOS competitor) seems to live on on Github now:



Hey - I remember POVRAY too! :slight_smile: I was amazed when I saw it’s results for the first time…! And many more times after that :slight_smile: