A bunch of maya and normal map questions..


[b]I’m learning by myself and i’d really appreciate if you could answer some of the questions:

1[/b]) https://prnt.sc/gpk81q I get this error in XNormal, what problems can occur?
2) https://prnt.sc/gpkfjh Are you having this problem too, having sRGB color space to normal maps cause this problem?
3) https://prnt.sc/gpmw4v I found that to render normal maps not reversed in Arnold I have to uncheck these buttons or else i get the normal map shown reversed. Am I doing it right? Does this happen to you too?
4) https://prnt.sc/gpmxpp Do you know how I can hide the skydome light from rendering? I want it to light my object cube like it does but no be shown in the camera, like all the other lights in maya at least.
5) https://prnt.sc/gpnjym While my object has severe holes in zbrush when i baked it’s normal map i get very shallow holes, is this normal with normal maps, they can’t create such big holes?
6) https://prnt.sc/gpnojr Does anyone know what these options do?

Just a question i found answer to: https://prnt.sc/gpw808 if you get these weird lines in your normal maps it’s because you exported low image file type like jpg. If you export png or something like that it will be fixed.
Thank you