A break from Bamboo, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)


Great work Jose, I love the expression of the bear :thumbsup:


Thanks Juan :slight_smile:


Wow, great composition !

Your Image looks awesome, well done, :wink:



Great work! Lovely model and pose.


crazy-pixel, shinybinary> thanks guys :slight_smile:


Ahah! What an excellent expression ^^
Another Awesome piece Jose!

I fell in love with your rabbit makin’ of, the fur part was very interesting. I’m sure this new tutorial will be as great as the rabbit one (and - obviusly - “deeper”)!

Congrats man, 5* (and more)


awesome stuff! love the pose! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Riccardo and Milivoj :slight_smile:


Congratulations on this lovely piece! Perfectly done! :thumbsup:
(He’s holding those chopsticks as i do…)


Awesome as always! :slight_smile: Love the expression of the face (artistically speaking), and the work done on the fur (technicality speaking).

This one deserves a front page and an CG Choice award.



zokana: Thanks!

Miguel: Thank you so much for the support! I can not wait to see some more new stuff from you!


Nice idea and work. I really think this has turned out awesome.


Thank you Damian!


Hi Jose,

wonderful work man. I was wondering if you have the Tutorial online elsewhere apart from the Magazine. I could use some help with the fur. Check out my animated mountain gorilla film I am working on using 3DS max hair and fur: http://www.sowl.com/2011/08/galiwango-film-update-hair-mocap/

Thanks again for sharing.

Keep up the great work.


Hi Solomon,

Unfortunately the tutorial is exclusive to the magazine. I can’t post it anywhere else.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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