A break from Bamboo, Jose Alves da Silva (3D)


Title: A break from Bamboo
Name: Jose Alves da Silva
Country: Portugal
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

A Panda caught by surprise while snacking a fish in the middle of the bamboos - this was the briefing given to me by 3D Artist magazine to support a tutorial focused on modeling and fur creation.
The tutorial has just been released in issue 29 and you can find it here:

I would like to thank Sarah and Lynette from Imagine Publishing for their invitation to write this tutorial.
Click on the image to see it at high resolution (1600 px).



Great work Jose, it has a painterly feel especially on the face. Great expression
Well done!


Wow! Great detailing. Love it! :thumbsup:


Thanks Pascal and Roganski!


hilarious pose, well done!


Great work Zeoyn! love his expression :smiley:


Brilliant! I love the facial expression :slight_smile: The lighting and the desaturated color palette work nicely together.

A small crit is that when I saw the image it wasn’t immediately noticeable what the panda was eating. When I first saw it I thought it was a butterfly.

But it’s still awesome. Great work :smiley:


I`m always impressed with your hair&fur!

Nice work!


Haha! I love your characters & he’s no exception - his expression is brilliant! :smiley:

If I had to crit anything it would be the way his knees come up from the floor. I think it would sell his weight better if his legs were pressed flat to the ground.

Will definitely check out the tutorial!


I like your characters, and ideas. Excellent performance as always


Maytridy, carlsonwkk, Delcio, Eduardd> Thank you! :beer:

redbyte> Thanks, I think you might have a point there. Maybe I could have found a better way to make the fish silhouette look like a whole.

AJ> You’re right. Now that you say it, I think that it would have worked out better. Legs laying flat on the floor and feeling the contact of the fat of his legs with the floor. Good point! :slight_smile:


Love this work!
So funny one.Nice model and lighting.


Very amazing work, the lighthing, feeling and fur are perfect! looks like a short from a movie!! great quality and Cheers my friend!


Nicely done, I thought it was a painting when I saw the thumbnail. :beer:


hahha…funny and amazing work again. thanks!


Thanks Damian, Vic, Angel and Manuel :slight_smile:


I think its very nice!
The guy surely was enjoying his meal. Chop sticks!, haha
what did you use to do fur?
or we’d have to buy the mag to know that?


Ranazeem> Thanks! The hair was made using 3DMax’s Hair&Fur and the renderer is Mental Ray. In the tutorial it explains the whole process of creating the fur.


Hmm maybe but I think it looks good this way. It feels to me that his heavy round butt holds all the weight and the legs are just adding a some balance.

Great work Zeoyn! I was looking at your profile recently and hoping for something new.


Thanks Andy :slight_smile:

Well, it could work either way. But AJ’s idea might be better as it would provide more contact with the environment :slight_smile: