A Blue Night


I did the modeling in XSI and the composite in After Effects. I wanted to use old architecture with a different kind of landscape; thus the strange planet. I really wanted to go with greens and blues for this composition. I hope you like it; comments and critiques are welcome.


Here are the wires for the tower:


its nice, its like an ancient roman architecture suitable for classic movies. the only critique i can offer is that i remember somewhere in the rules or policies etc. it says it should be futuristic or modern. but i am not entirely sure as i didnt read it all. good work.


Thanks for the reply! I was looking over the rules and the “introduction” tab, and I didn’t see anything that suggested that the entries had to be modern. If you find it though, please let me know. Maybe I’ll do something more modern and futureistic for my next entry. Thanks again for the reply.



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