A bit OT, PhysX rigidbody cards.


They have started selling those PhysX hardware cards http://www.bfgtech.com/physx/ and they are not that expensive, like 380 usd. And from reading XSIs (which support PhysX rigid bodies) helpfile soft body and particle support for 3d applications are in the working. If pmG have some sort of rigid dynamics ideas for the future I think they shoud have a good look at this option since it would help them with maintaing the preview speed they are known for.


dont forget hair… if hair is animated with particles chains and these particles are accelerated with physX then you have some badass animation capabilities… and cloth, basically particle + physX would mean a whole new outlook on these important aspects of CA.



something a bit more user-freindly to develop for, I’d say.

basically, use the old gpu to run physics code, and the new gpu for graphics. that’s the idea behind the article. anyone with pci-e motherboard will be able to stack up their gpus


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