A basic compositing question


Hey guys,

I generally do a lot of motion graphics work but am getting more into vfx and just had 1 pretty basic question to ask, much appreciated if someone could please explain!

  1. I was watching the making of this tvc… http://www.cgsociety.org/news/article/3555/behind-the-scenes-100-cgi-bear-for-third-wheel-
    and am wondering what is the process of painting out the reference guy dressed in the bear suit? Obviously with a locked off shot you could shoot a background plate, but with a handheld shaky camera how is this done? Is it actually painted out frame by frame or is it more a matter of the 3D bear being slightly larger than the reference bear to sit over the top?

Thank you!


Hi Lachy,

It’s a nice piece! I’d imagine the suit was used for mocap data, or for scale and position reference if entirely hand animated - then yes the CG bear would be ‘laid’ on top, camera tracked into position, and roto’d behind other objects. I doubt it would have always covered the suit, so in places a bit of Mocha Pro or other 2D tracking was perhaps used to paint out the overlap.