99% stupid and 1% good:My first character animation


hello guys,

here is my first try with 3ds max biped to make character animation.even first i found very tough to manage with 3ds max biped.even rotating fingers is too hard to 3ds max biped.so i m gonna moved to vfx particle effect and inorganic modelling.if some body can help me so plz tell me which is the best and easy to handle character animation?

if i have heard that in the film and games too ppl don’t use much bone or etc character biped system.they all use motion capture and builder to animate character.if this is true so where do bones and biped system use for character animation?

Maybe this seems such a stupid question.
oh and check out this stupid animation bye me.i found tough is handling fingers with biped system.

link to download :http://ezshare.de/files-en/179313/fight_first.rar


Couldnt find the link.

Its easier for people if the link is hosted by yourself so it starts downloading straight away.

You didnt say what version of max you have. I think in 7 character studio has greatly improved. I’m pretty sure there are poses and sliders and all sorts of things you can use. Character studio is there to make rigging easier for you but you will still have to take a little time to find out how to use it. CS Help files?

I know with max6 there was a tutorial with the program.


hey dude, i cant see the link! :S


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