939 ? 940 Socket Processor MotherBoard


939 socket
940 socket

Which one is being replaced or phased out???
I bought a “Tyan S2895 - Thunder K8WE” MB, 940 socket.

Some one said the 940 socket is being phased out ??? which is it ???

Did I buy a good MB yes-no ???



LAst I knew ( and it has been awhile since I have read anything on this ) 939 was the primary socket for the AMD processors ( 64, X2, and FX ) the socket 940 is currently the Primary socket for the high end Opteron processors… have not heard anything about them phasing out one or the other but it is possible since some of the new Opterons are a socket 939.


It was a hard decision 939 or 940 socket. I bought 2 amd opteron 64bit processors, 200 series. For the purpose of upgrading to a faster chip down the road…I wanted a dual processor machine, so I hope I made a good choice…


They will both be phased out - it’s inevitable.

My philosophy is you buy what you need when you need it and don’t worry about what’s coming out in the next 6 months. If you need a computer just buy it. If you don’t need it then wait - better stuff is always just around the corner.

That Tyan boraad is a superb option and will support dual-core Opterons. It will be a while before their performacne is obsolete. If I were you, I would welcome a new socket as it would cause the prices on Dual-core 940s to go down :applause:






I think both sockets are going to be around for a while


It is true that AMD will be moving to a new socket. They are moving to DDR2, and due to the incompatability between DDR1 and 2, it requires a new socket for AMD (due to the internal memory controller). So, because of design, whenever AMD upgrades thier memory type (DDR1 -> DDR2) AMD will be forced to release a new socket (assuming the memory upgrades are not compatable with previous generations).

Socket M2, is “around the corner” This is a 940 socket for desktop CPUs and is not compatable with the Opteron’s 940 pin socket (the layout is different). I am unsure of the Opteron’s socket, it will probably change later down the road too. But this does not mean that the current Socket 939 and 940 will be phased out. AMD, on many occasions, has stated that 940 will be around for a while. Unlike the desktop market, the server market (which s940 is targeted at) does not change very quickly. Thus, you can expect AMD to continue to support s940 for much longer than any desktop socket. Heck, look at how old s940 is. It made its first appearance in April 2003. It is soon to be 2006, and socket 940 is still here. And we all know in terms of computers, that is old.


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