"9" Tim Burton & Shane Acker Trailer!!!


Really looking forward to this movie ! it looks awesome ! completely different style as the usual 3D at least for me. must watch.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IQcMeNh7Hc 10 min Trailer!

if this was posted before sorry I tried to look for, didnt find it.


I guess looking didn’t involve using the search then :wink:

etcetera etcetera etcetera


Funny, I check this site every day and haven’t seen this trailer before. I’m looking forward to seeing this.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IQcMeNh7Hc 10 min Trailer!

that’s the original short, not 10min trailer


I remember seeing this short when it got a lot of critical acclaim at festivals a couple of years ago. Between this and the movie from that guy MeniThings it’s cool to see indie filmmakers using 3D actually get money behind their projects. It gives me some hope, as long as these films do well enough to continue to encourage support.


Seriously? It’s been posted more times than Vlade Divac. Nevertheless, a front page might have been warranted considering all the ramifications of 1 man making it big, more serious CG fare, etc.


what studio is making it?


Rhythm and Hues.


Hmmm… not true. This was created by Starz Animation in Toronto. I work there so you can take my word for it :wink:



I was going to say, I work at R+H and know nothing about it :wink:
good luck pxlpshr it looks like a fun project to be working on!


Thanks! It was a blast to work on.



Nobody can read a joke anymore. Tsk Tsk.


Fixed. :arteest:


Really? That was a joke? Wow. That’s some pretty subtle sarcasm.:surprised


Well he posted right before me, and it has Rhythm and Hues emblazoned under his name. Didn’t seem like much of a stretch really for a joke. Not to mention we crossed paths in the Nurbs for characters thread as well, and he even mentioned Rhythm and Hues (where he got called out on lack of sarcasm tags hehehehe) Shrug.

Nevertheless, ‘9’ is my second most anticipated movie, only behind The Watchmen.


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