80's nostalgia hitting rock bottom: MANIMAL



I suppose if they do this with the right tone, it could be fun, and the animal transformation stuff should be a piece of cake now. But, still, sheesh.

On the bright side, it’s not like they’re going to be ruining a classic or something…though I’m sure ALF will end up feeling that way.

What’s next? Automan? Riptide? I’d love to see a new version of Misfits of Science, but that’s doubtful.


Ha I watched that show.

He always kept his clothes intact no matter how many times he transformed.

Alf was a good center square on the Hollywood Squares
and was a decent host when he took over for “Bowser” from Sha Na Na

I think Automan has potential
I loved those movie rip offs (Tron inspired Automan obviously)

Raiders–Tales of the Gold Monkey

Werewolf, one of the first shows on Fox, could have been an interesting movie.
I wish that show had continued.

Salvage One was another short lived series–scrap collector who wants to collect garbage on the moon.
which reminds me of Quark about garbage men in space.

But a Thundarr the Barbarian movie is what I would really like to see–even if its just animated-which is probably the best for it.


Well I alaways have been partial to a either an Aitwolf movie


Airwolf and blue thunder would be nice.

But what happeend to comanche shows that attack heli is not the in thing now.

Oh well.


I loved those two shows despite the short run. Something about building a rocket ship out of scrap really appealed to the kid version of me.



I was on the set when they shot it. It’s where I originated and perfected my “Permanent-WTF?” face. It was so funny to see the cast and crew totally unphased by the stupidity of all the running around a cheesy backlot jungle. But hey, work is work. Honestly, you could drop a hand grenade in the pants of any of those crusty old union guys and they’d think it was just signaling lunch.


Publish your memoirs on working in 80s tv and movies and I’ll buy one.
Sounds like a lot of stories to tell.


Not much to tell. I didn’t work there, but the head of security for Warner Bros back then was a family friend. We got to spend a lot of time driving a golf cart around the lot, seeing various sets, meeting actors, and nothing was off-limits since he was the security chief. We saw a few cool things over a few years, most notably the Blade Runner street set right after they finished shooting (Since the film had not even released yet, I had no way of knowing what it would become, or I would have, uh, “borrowed” one of the Syd Mead-designed street props!) We hung out on the set of Dukes of Hazard (cast was super nice and seemed to be having a lot of fun), and met Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman herself! She was very nice and and we talked a while), met Rachel Ward (cold) and Richard Chamberlain (meh) on the Thorn Birds set. Saw a bunch of other forgettable tv pilot sets and casts and such, but nothing too notable.

The Tippett gig was a short-lived and not so fun period in '89. The earthquake hit then and my commute was hell the whole time, along with generally “unpleasant” work hours. Best thing I learned there was that movie vfx work was not for me. Still a great experience, but not one I’d want to repeat.


Wow the Thorn Birds. I was forced to watch that in the days when there was few channels to choose from…

There’s probably a million forgotten tv pilots. I recently heard of a Darkman tv series pilot with Larry Drake that retold the movie story in a half hour.

Apparently a few unaired episodes of Salvage One were shown a decade or so later on a specialty channel.


I loved every show you guys are mentioning when I was a kid.
May I add Misfits of Science, campy version of the X-Men.

Cool stories, tell us more Artbot. :beer:


I put in a vote for Misfits of Science in my first post, it was a cut above even though it was pure cheese. :slight_smile: (Also CSB, my aunt sang that theme song)

I don’t think the guy-and-his-vehicle shows can make the leap to modern times that well, it seems something special to the time period.

I am looking forward to the gritty reboot of Small Wonder though.



I was more of an Automan man myself. I loved cursor and his cheeky shenanigans. Regarding Manimal, I recall they used that ‘bumpy hand’ shot over and over again. I hope the fx budget is not so cheap ass this time.


I remember another show to cash in on WarGames and computers
called the Whiz Kids

and Matt Houston had a “super computer” as a supporting player


You’ll have to get me drunk first. :argh:

And yeah, those technologically magical vehicle shows are a thing of the past. Back then, computers and space stuff was new, exciting and wondrous. Now, everything has been reduced to whether the next iphone will have 3 or 6 cameras. People have become cynical about space and military technology, and the mundane trappings and horrific violence of real life are so easily accessible and intermixed with fiction via the internet that a lot of what used to serve as mystery has simply evaporated.

And I have to add, I was so enamored of Salvage 1 and Quark that I still have a spaceship-trashtruck model I designed and built when I was a kid.


I think Automan could work if he is more like a glowing Iron man and Cursor can fly around at superspeed and cut people in half

Well if car shows are out there may still be hope for Man From Atlantis and Lucan the Wolf Boy revivals ;p

I would have expected a 6 Million Dollar Man movie before Manimal though


I’ve long wondered why they haven’t made an update of this. Seems like one of the few “tech” themes that might still work. It could be amazing if it was done to the level of a dark/pathos show like Breaking Bad. It would be cool as an intense drama with a dark back-story (similar to the original where he didn’t want to be an agent) and they basically used him as a human/robot experiment.

Like so many of the best (old) ideas, it’s probably tied up in legal rights disputes.


From your lips to GOD’s ears…



“I would have expected a 6 Million Dollar Man movie before Manimal though”

Adjusted for inflation he would have to be the 14.9 million dollar man.
Does not have the same ring to it though.
Most of those feats of strength were lower back/Spine related not a matter of arm strength.



There was a 2007 reboot attempt at a Bionic Woman series,

Some crappy compressed clips

I didn’t see most of it, but the gist was it got killed by the big writer’s strike at the time.


I always noticed that, too. Sure, his robot arm would lift the huge semi truck, but his spine would have snapped like a breadstick. Also, it was really the perfect sci-fi/techy show in that there were essentially no vfx. Foam props, slow-mo camera, sound fx, and voila!

And I would just round up to 6 billion. With the black budget of the DoD/Skunk Works/DARPA, it actually seems feasible, and sounds better.

Also, we’re basically talking about Robocop here, anyway, which was already a series.