80's cartoon Post Mortem: Tell us what you learned...


Please use this thead to discuss the lessons learned on this challenge.

Legacy post below:
Until then, I am not looking!

( For those who posted alreadyyou may tweak until then)


Wasn’t the deadline today (wednesday) at noon?


So we now have till Friday to Post?


Oh cool! What time Friday? I can use every last minute of this unofficial extension. :wink:



i wanna know what the next topic is for certain…we usually have a confirmation of it by now…


Ya, I really want to know what time on Friday too, I will definitely keep taking my piece to the next level with every extra hour that I can get :smiley:


I thought it was 12pm today, no matter. More tinker time. :slight_smile:


It would be fantastic if we’ve got a little extra time. I’d hugely, hugely appreciate the chance to finish!


This past night i worked on my entry to the 4 am, thinking i wont finish it when i saw this post…this golden post…good news realy.
Every competition should have this kind of extension, just for lazy people like me;) .

Cheers, good luck to everyone.


Woohoo… Think I just maybe get to finish after all :beer:


Do we have to post now so we can tweak till friday?


You can post now and you can tweak until Friday.

I want to do a traditional sculpture challenge…

HUMAN BODY - Cutaway

1 Face- 12 Expressions.



Can we just post tomorrow/Friday…?


No problem…



Excellent - cheers Roberto!


The deadline was today… I work like most of us here 40hrs during the week…

I find this slightly unfair.


yes, a deadline is a deadline, and if it was going to be extended it should have been mentioned days ago, not at 2am the day before it’s due.


are you telling that if you needed the extra time you were complain too?

Cause i can tell you that even if i had finished on time i wouldnt mind the extended deadline.

Besides this is not the world championship modeling with thousands of dollars in prizes. I see this callenges like just an excuse to get better and maybe have something for the portfolio.

How do you see it? Just to win to the others?



Ok here is what Ill do…

everyone who posted on time, WILL GET A MENTION
as posted on time.
that way the voters will know that the entry was published
on time.



Of course you wouldn’t mind the extended deadline, you didn’t get finished in time.
Some of us worked very hard to make sure we met that deadline. That is the mark of a professional, regardless of whether or not this is a “world championship”.
If i’d needed the extra time because I hadn’t finished, I simply wouldn’t have put in an entry. Then I’d get angry at myself for being lazy and unable to meet deadlines.

Anyone here who’s actually worked at a studio knows what I mean, milestones are serious business. If you march into one without your work finished it could mean real trouble for you. I feel we should treat these challenges with the same professionalism and attitude that would be required of us on the job. Just my two cents.