8 quick beeps before/during post error?


So I was at work yesterday and went to install a sound card (pci) in my machine to listen to music while I work, and a floppy drive, and when I rebooted I got no video and 8 quick beeps-then a pause-then 8 quick beeps and so on. The system comes on, fans power up, then it just hangs there beeping that error. The motherboard manual contains the most basic of info and nothing more, so no explanations of the beep codes). Heres what Ive tried so far to try and sort it out since this kind of error usually has to do with memory,video, or power, since its during POST (i think thats right from my past experience).

  1. Removed power and cables from all hard drives, as well as disconnecting the ide cables from the motherboard. -NO CHANGE-
  2. Removed the floppy drive, that I had just installed, from the system -NO CHANGE-
  3. Removed the sound card -NO CHANGE-
  4. Swapped out the power supply with 3 others -NO CHANGE-
  5. Swapped the AGP vid card with a diff AGP vid card. -NO CHANGE-
  6. Pulled the AGP card and tried 3 diff pci cards in 3 diff pci slots -NO CHANGE-
  7. Tried diff ddr mem from a diff machine (pretty sure the mem should work in this sys as it came off an ECS k7s5a board and went into the buggy system with an ECS k7s5a pro board) Tried the mem in both the ddr slots and reseated it many times -NO CHANGE-
  8. Used the CMOS jumper to reset the CMOS -NO CHANGE-

I have literally swapped every piece of hardware except the motherboard and I still get the same error: fans come on, then the 8 quick beep error, system hangs

I didnt really touch anything but the ide cables when i installed the floppy and pci sound card. WTF did I do?

the sys is a pretty cheap throw together that I use at work.
ECS k7s5a pro motherboard (networking onboard as well as sound if it worked)
512 meg ddr pc2100(i think)
generic 300W psu
the usual other system peripherals, hd, etc

I cant really get back to work until my machine is fixed and we are a very small company so its all up to me. Help! Thanks in advance.



your board features an Award BIOS. For those 8 beeps usualy indicate a problem with the graphics adapter. If changing the Graphics Adapter does not help maybe the Board is defective.



Thanks for the reply. i hope the board isnt bad. it seems really unlikely, although not impossible, that it would die simply because i opened it up and installed a pci card.

anyone else with any other thoughts?



i’ve inserted a pci video card as well as an AGP card.

the computer wouldn’t post. are you sure the videocard isn’t loose? 8 beeps is the video card.


all the video cards were completely inserted. The agp slot has a little holding clip thing that only closes when the card is completely in, so that and my own pressure told me that it was fully in. Either way, I made sure to fully seat each card. I also swapped the cpu with a diff one, and tried sdram as well in the sd slots, just to make sure it wasnt one of those. The board must be screwed. I guess thats what they get for using cheap-o boards here at work. The thing that sucks is that Im the one that has to suffer because of their cheap attitudes.

Can you believe that my boss doesnt believe in using case fans!? The pc I was using, until it crapped out, had no case fans whatsoever. Lazy and dumb if you ask me.



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