8 new HDR images for download


Well, i was unsure of where to put this, since it isnt really 3d it didnt feel right putting it in the gallery…

anyways, I recently went on a road trip down into florida, then through texas and into new mexico… stopping along the way. To make the trip a little more bearable, i decided to bring along my chrome ball, camera, and 2 tripods as i had hardly any of my own hdr images, and there were few floating around the internet. I tried to get some different and unusual pictures… and i am pleased with the result. Unfortunatly, i was only able to take 1 set of exposures per hdr.

They still work excellent, and on the website you can see the results of each one on 2 simple scenes.

enjoy! and mods, feel free to move it if you find this location unfit.



Great! They look good. Thanks for sharing.



Nice, thx, the moon shot is pretty cool…


sorry, but some of you need to do some reading up on hdr images… its just wont cut it just to take a pic of a chrome ball…
you have to take several pics at different exposure rates and then combine them, in order to get the high dynamic range the acronym stands for… i checked your outsidepublic.hdr pic, and there was no color value higher than 1, meaning its a simple ldr… so you could’ve saved them as a simple jpg or whatever and use them as a simple reflaction map. but hdr it aint.


they were all made with multiple exposures. some only with 5, some with 13.

the darkest cave one was only made with one, as there was no change in any of the exposures at all (kinda pointless)

and i think for that one that you pointed out, i might have used the plugin converting to ldri and uploaded the wrong one… sorry ill check that out

or could it be the fact that i had to edit it in photoshop to add the ©?


ok. i was thrown off by the fact that you said “Unfortunatly, i was only able to take 1 set of exposures per hdr.”
i guess then you are referring to taking 2 sets to get rid of the tripod ??

anyway, i checked another one earlier as well, and that one was faulty as well… so i guess its because of photoshop, whatever you might be doing in it.

theres a tutorial on the hdrshop site (i think) on how to use external programs to manipulate the hdr file. maybe you should have a look at that.
or just put the copyright onto the pics before combining them…


I dont understand this…what are these for?


cool stuff man. thanks very much :slight_smile:


exactly. i kinda regret that, but hell… i dont care about the camera, and i was supposed to be the only one using these.

blast. still tryin to figure out what was wrong with these things…


hmmm… no matter what i do, the values stay at .92 ish

ive tried all different custom curves… different fstop values even though i know them…



try em now…


yeah, much better now… the hotelbalcony still seems a bit flaky, but maybe its because the looks kind of cloudy there… dunno…

other than that, thanks for sharing


whoa those HDR images are neeeat , could you please give us a download link ?


as taken from swg3d.com/hdri.html :::

“click on the first images of the chrome ball to download”

wow… so few replies yet so many people are downloading them
yesterday morning my monthly bandwidth was 192mb. today it is 1306mb


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