digital freehand painted with mouse,
ps7 and elements, just experimenting and trainning can’t say
there is a straight line of thought in here just brushing,
a wounderful experience to be part of this forum ;0]


no photographic reference? wow! again, very nice work!

you would love a tablet



your words are very kind brenda and yeep i know i’ll fall in love with a tablet as soon as i put my hands on one, right now i’ve been working with an optic mouse.


Nice composition. I’m getting a sense of peace and stillness, was that the intention?

Couple minor crits that distract me from the emotions…

The nose seems a little odd, it’s so blurred that the sense of it being a 3 dimensional structure is lost. Also the nostril is much too round, since it’s being viewed from the front, not from directly underneath.

The cat’s fur is a little too fluffy, it looks more like a stuffed toy than a living animal. You might want to check out some cat photos for texture reference.


wounderment was more the feeling i was looking for ;0]
thank u so much for the constructive critic,
i will have a look at textures ref.s.


Hi Tânia, beutiful to see you here too ! Well I think I alredy give you a comment on this pict… but like my first here in cgtalk… Dreamz I really appreciate your style and works ! Allways a pleasure to find something of you in the net ! hugz

Julien :wink:

ok I know not so serius, but is serius that I appreciate your art and I found wonderful to found you here in cgtalk. A right place to have good C&C.


hello Julien,
what a pleasure to see u here
thank u so much for the words they mean a lot!
okidoki, now lemme check, what have u been up to!
cheers, tania


wow really love your works ive seen so far, great style! plus imma cat person so these peice i love even more :smiley: not much for me to crit, i like the feel of your painting style, and nice work with your lights and shadows, only thing that bugs me a bit is the lack of detail in the lower half of the girls face, but it kinda looks like depth blur a bit as well :wink:

keep them coming


hi there,
thank u so much for the encouraging words,
i sure plan to keep 'em coming, thank u ;0]


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