7200x10800 Resolution Render Hanging


Hi folks, i’ve read all over the posts in the forums here and couldn’t get a difiintive answer on how to render something this size without the renderer hanging on me. I’m working on a Pentium 3.2GHZ with a gig of ram and the render hangs every time.

Rending high poly with HDRI lighting so it’s a fairly intense render. Have seen people say about rendering in tiles but i’ve got no background in doing that or using the batch renderer to do that. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated…-Pixel



Hi there,

try using the -reg <int int int int> flag in a command line render, search for ‘Renderer-specific flags for the command line renderer’ in the manual for details. To find out what you need to fill in for the int, open up the script editor, turn on Script> Echo All Commands and select a tile in the renderview - only dragging a marquee/selection region. This way youll get a more or less rough idea of what you need to use exactly, by reading the output in the script window. For instance, if you want to quarter a 640x480 render job, you need to do:

render.exe -reg 0 320 240 480 myScene.mb
render.exe -reg 0 320 0 240 myScene.mb
render.exe -reg 320 640 240 480 myScene.mb
render.exe -reg 320 640 0 240 myScene.mb

Put it into a textfile, save it with .bat extension and run it to render the job one after the other in this tile format:

1 3
2 4

You could split it up into as much regions as you like. Hope that helps… :thumbsup:


I may honestly be way too dumb to get that done…lol


I suggest you check out ‘Renderpal’. If you just use it on 1 workstation, its now freeware! I keep meaning to download it myself but havent got round to it yet. Below is a quote from the feature-list on their website ( www.renderpal.com )

Frame splitting and image slicing: You can specify frame splitting and image slicing individually for each render set. Frame splitting allows you to cut down a large animation into smaller frame ranges; image slicing even allows you to cut down a single frame/image into smaller image pieces.

Hopefully that image slicing feature is ‘unlimited’ but I guess you’ll just have to download it and try it :slight_smile:



Thanks for all the help folks. I’ll check out renderpal. I have another quetion now…lol

I got a set of slices to work using ther command line renderer. However when i composite them in Photoshop you can see edges in a few of the frames…any idea why? Here’s a screenshot of what i’m talking about. Thanks for any help. -Pixel



Hey, that’s a job for the clone stamp tool in photoshop. Honestly, I think it’s just a minor bother to join all the 4 pieces seamlessly if the differences are as little as that.



Do you use any glow or other post that can change exposure depending on the scen.
It might just be running in auto mode and give you different brightnesses depending of frame.


No no glow or anything like that…very odd… anyone else ever see this? Know of a way to remove it…i’ve got an 8x8 tile set that will take forever to clone stamp out…lol


Have you tried to run a specular pass without slices? Seems to affect only specular.


Tip for picure assembling,

Try this freeware! It’s amazing!


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