7 Wonders of the World Short Project


Hi all, I would like to share a small clip I`ve composed from a project we had in college. We had to create a themed chess. First year students. (four year career).

I was in charge of organic modeling, lighting and composition.
After the project I just created this short set of shots.


And here are some still shots.


Hi there,

I can’t comment on the modelling (looks great to me) as I don’t do any modeling yet, but what I can say is that you breathed life into what (I think) were just stills.

Nice job! It’s amazing what you can do by moving the camera around and changing the Depth of Field.

That’s one technique I’ve learned from this short - combining a changing DOF and camera movement to bring a still to life.

Lighting was good as well made the objects material come to life. I prefered the first lighting rig out of the two.


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