6-Minute Pilot of Seth MacFarlane's American Dad online...


"“ScribbleChimp” over at Animation Nation has found a 6-minute Windows Media teaser clip of the new FOX animated sitcom, American Dad. Although those at AN are clearly unimpressed, it’s too early yet to tell how the series will pan out in full 22-minute episodes. American Dad is set to premiere on FOX in January 2005, following the Superbowl. "




Nice post …

After watching it, it’s ok… Family guy was alot better though, not enough dry humor in this one, or jokes that make you really laugh.

Stewie is better then the German fish, Peter is funnier then the Right wing Military dad…etc…etc…

To bad family guy isn’t going to air new episodes till may…oh well…


Oh…I would also like to add that the 6 minute Family guy pilot wasn’t to funny eithier… It was more getting to know the characters and moved along pretty slowly…

hmmm…Time will tell I guess.


not nearly as funny as family guy.


same family guy comments as mentioned before. It kinda feels like they are just trying to replace family guy with this. which would be a shame



Family Guy was the bestest:cry:


That wasn’t funny at all. Granted, I wasn’t the biggest Family Guy fan either.

Brian the dog worked much better than the gold fish. The ALF / Paul Lynde love-child didn’t make me laugh. The Dad is just a physically fit version of Peter with a new job. The daughter and son didn’t seem that different than the kids on Family Guy (only exception being the son on AD is thin). It just seems like this was an episode of FG, with different characters playing the usual roles.

In the tradition of Invader Zim and Family Guy, I can understand why a few people will be into American Dad and love it for what it is, but I’ll also understand why everyone else is confused and bored by it.



Another show that’ll be cancelled and end up on Cartoon Network. :rolleyes:

I wonder what makes McFarlane think this show will actually work when Family Guy didn’t – and this doesn’t look half as funny as Family Guy.


Well seeing that the Boxed DVD sets of Family Guy are among the highest selling and the fact that FOX is bringing Family Guy back to its lineup next year, might make him think that he knows what he is doing…just my 2 cents.


But family guy did work. When people actually knew when it was playing it got really high ratings but fox shuffled it around so much that the audience couldn’t find it to watch it. One week it was on Tuesday, next week it wasn’t on, week after that it was on Thursday. When Cartoon Network first put the reruns on at 11pm at night it was beating out Leno and Dave in that time slot for 18-35 year olds.


Also the dvd’s sold over a million copies each of the two seasons, which is an awsome amount for a niche show like this.


Family guy was awesome and did great until fox ruined it. I just finished watching AD and have to say it isn’t funny at all. I smirked once through the whole thing. How long until the paranoid CIA dad becomes boring? I’m guessing not long and I thought he was the funniest character.


Calm down… It’s not like Family Guy ain’t coming back :wink:

As for the pilot, time will tell how it is. I agree with that other guy saying that the first Family guy pilot wasn’t really funny. But it became my favorite show now :slight_smile:


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