55 Dragons design marathon


amazing jobs man… i love these dragons so much. cool render prety realistic


Pyke: Most of them are made from scratch, some of them share the same zsphere/zsketch base, and I think I have recycled 1 or 2 base meshes.

hazenbenjamin_ that was the plan, I intend to make couple of images by taking some of the cocnepts and work them out more.

thx for watching and commenting guys!



These are amazing, Very creative. You could fill a whole world with these. Great Job!



You should be officially knighted and called The Dragonmaker! Very skilled work indeed! Some greatly done shapes among your dragon portrait gallery and the presentation looks clean, most appealing. My favourite is the fat ‘hamster dragon’ - very original.

Keep up the nice work, and create maybe a permanent link to this gallery below your posts before the thread sinks into obscurity in the WIP section.


Thx Zoltan, I’l ad the link to the thread to my signature, good idea!


Wicked work!You really know how to design dragons, they each look very convincing and individually designed. You must have a pretty deep pool of imagination :smiley:

Cobra 6


Some really fantastic and imaginative creatures you have here! They look like admixtures of dinosaurs and modern reptiles, with some having almost botanical woody seed pod blends.

Great stuff. Outstanding dino/reptile (dragon), skin and scale work.
Looking forward to seeing more!


Excellent work!!


totaly amazing


These are some really great animals man .


These are really amazing to look at. I’d love to see a tutorial of sorts to show your workflow you used to create one of these bad boys or girls.


Great work… and thanks for the alpha map :slight_smile:


Thanks for comments guys!
cobra6_I’m drowning xD

Bandwidth issues on my webpage, had to remove link to videos. sorry for that :confused:
I will upload videos on Youtube in a day or less and will link back to this thread.

All 55 dragons in one place:

And again, if you want to see high res file go here HIGH RES FILE and scroll down to the bottom of the page to download zipped high res image file.



Really cool and inspiring. Some are stronger than others for sure, and some of them are just plain wicked!


Awesome work!!

Can you re-post those alphas? I think that site is down.



Clappy71_ Thanks for watching!
You are right, the site went down due to exceeded bandwidth, I hope it will be back in a day or less, sorry for that.

wesware_ thanks




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