50% discount on my Plug-ins


As we just had our first snow this winter, I started a winter sale until friday 8. for all of my Cinema 4D Plug-ins, such a People in Motion, Parametric Toolkit, My IES Designer and PhotoMatch.
Head over to http://www.rodenburg-verlag.de and use the Code wintersale17 during checkout
Happy shopping! :slight_smile:


Hi Arndt

Would love to learn more. To be honest I found your ste a bit hard to navigate. The people in motion overview page was basic and the video link brings me to many unrelated videos.

Is there a direct link to just the people in motion videos somewhere–like one good overview video?
This might be something we might be interested in but hard to know atm.



Hi Joel,

I tried to cover everything important about People in Motion Version 2 in a separate Playlist, that can be found here:


Just keep in mind, that Version 1 has a very different feature set, so only the videos in that playlist are relevant for new People in Motion purchases.
Just let me know if you need further info :slight_smile:



Thanks Arndt for the clarification.

We are looking thru the playlist now.
We are also looking for a better mocap to c4d rig workflow. Not sure if pip has features like that within by any chnace?

Thanks again!


It’s on my list for future updates, but not implemented yet.
Currently you can use keyframes on the arms or legs without interfering with the parametric animations or you can mix IK animations with the generic movements.