5 minute War Animation (only have 1 minute done)


Hey, made this completely in anim8or v.9b (www.anim8or.com) and windows movie maker 2. It’s 1 min, of a 5 min animation, of an army of white blood cells fighting an army of viri. Please don’t be too harsh with your crits, remember that I’m using a VERY amateur program. what you guys have come to call necessities, we at anim8or call bells and whistles. probably the most advanced features the program has are painted bone influences, and morph targets. we don’t even have any IK :(. anyway, all random rants aside, tell me what you think, and what you think needs to be changed!

animation: http://thefilebin.com/userfiles/rufsketch1/newest_0010.wmv


special thnx to MP3D for help with the sound!

if you are interested in other works done by anim8or users, go to the anim8or WIP forums at (www.anim8or.org) as opposed to anim8or.com, which has a dead wips forum.


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