5 Blades



5 BLADES A 10 miniute ninja/ samurai action animation

[/color][size=2][color=red]We are on the look out for Character Concept Artists & Environment Artists, Organic Modellers & Enviroment Modellers, Riggers, Animators, Compositors, Voice Artists and Web Admin.

The Concept is a sengoku period action sequence involving samurai and assasins, fighting a life and death battle which traverses locations such as a Japanese castle, Wooden Bridge, River and Forest. The scene is set around the Edo period.

The characters are two avenging samurai: Hanzo Masamune, a 51 year old master swordsman and his daughter Suki, a 28 year old female warrior & archer. They are being pursued by a group only known as the [color=red]Dark Path, a group of merciless mercinary ninja who’s secret operations have been, up untill now uncovered. Their latest Client, [/color][/color][/size][size=2]Murusama,[/size][size=2][color=yellow] a man in shadows, has a desire to see the Masamune line ended. Will this battle be the last for an old master at arms, or can his daughter tip the balance of the brutal ambush Hanzo finds himself in, and to prevent it from becoming fatal.

We currently have 1 concept artist working on the project, but need lots more help.
We ask that you e-mail your details and postion/software preference to us at:


please title all e-mails [color=yellow]5 Blades and include you online name, your real name, your location, and how much time you can spend on the project.
Feel free to add some information about yourself.

All contributers will be given written credits. Anyone filling Title Positions will appear in the Screen credits and will recive a DVD copy of the finished animation.

SOFTWARE REQUIRMENTS: We have based our pipline around 3dsmax, though we’re looking for Xsi, Maya and Lightwave character and env artists. Modelling can be done in any program, however, we have decided to animate and render in 3dsmax.

CONCEPT ART: We are presently looking for 2 Character artists and 2 Env artists capable of a level that matches our current artists’ abilities.

Feel free to have a go at modeling the character design we have uploaded.
We will be posting character descriptions of Hanzo and the cast for anyone to have a shot at designing.

Thanks in advance for your interest/support & time, we look forward to seeing your posts.

Concept 1: Suki dressed covertly.

Cliff Irons


well, It sounds different from all these space type collabs… Im not sure what I can do, maybey some admin, or some texture work… I love the concept art by the way… cant wait to see the 3d models of Suki.


If you email me at the address above and send me a list of the things you have done which you consider helpful to this project, also any artwork that shows your best ability. The same thing goes for others interested in joining 5 Blades.


“Sounds quite a caper, Bongo.” :cool:

Alright, I’m in.


Great, the more the merrier, feel free to post any work you have done or describe what you do and what position you would like to fill, oh and send an e-mail to me at


we should have more concept stuff coming soon.


Sounds really cool…
I sended u an email.


Thanks, we have already had a great response to the thread already…
But still need mainly concept artists to start the design side of things rolling…

I have had a response from a talented musician from Canada, which could mean that the score will be of film production level.

I have a sound engineer from London who has show interest in the project, and a couple of people who are interested in admin positions.
I got a response from a Script writer from London,
And a possible 3d artist from Sweden.

Sofar a great start to this project.
In the Pipleine is some character breakdowns, and some more concept work on Suki, and her weapons.
Ill make a list of people who are Offically part of the team at the end of the week.
And will also outline a bit more the Ideas for the animation.

Thanks for you interest and were on the look out for more.....


oh this seems to be big growing. :stuck_out_tongue:
I did a picture out of a sketch :stuck_out_tongue:


denntanos, can you post any 3d work?


Ok this is some old stuff from my website…

I will come up with more stuff soon.


You seem to have a problem with your images, I would suggest you open a free Imageshack account… it works very well…


I have created a yahoo group for the project, feel free to join and post/view progress on this project.
I have also created a Logo,
Boone, hows the script going btw



As I promised, some more concept stuff… This is a very quick mood peice by our concept guy Rob.

There will be some more concept stuff, and possibly some background on the story.



Wow, thats amazing work man, Rob, your one talented dude… I really wish I could model from that concept art… So who is working on the script? And is there a timeframe for the project?


Nice thats good work. :stuck_out_tongue:
heres two sword i did yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:
I like Ninjasword.jpg best…


Re: LittleBlueRobots & SuperchickenSoup.

I finished a simple treatment of the script last night. :thumbsup:

Once approved, I can get to work on a first draft… :smiley:


Great, look forward to seeing it.

OK, so a roll call is in order.

Project Leader: Littlebluerobots
Scriptwriter: Boone
Concept Artist: CipherL
Assitant Hard Surface Modeler: Denntanos
Musical Score: Francois Jolin

Thanks guys.


No probs, glad to be part of it, and I cant wait to see what Denntanos does with the sword concepts, once he gets started on them… er once I get started on them. :slight_smile:


hehe… Why not just modeller :stuck_out_tongue:
i started at Sukis body… But should i post it here?
I have done everything exept the head and some details :slight_smile:
tell me if i should post it:P
and btw it is nice to work with so nice ppl.


Seeing as LittleBlueRobots is project leader, it maybe wise to give all work to them.

We should consider some copyright along the way…IMHO.