“5:45 to Santa Monica: now boarding!”


Los Angeles: Clear skies, highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s… nice evening to go to Santa Monica and see the sunset.

Architecture and architectural image-making has been too much about form, shape, facade and everything that in fact - separates us from buildings. I’ve tried to show a scenario that is much closer to human perspective, something that we can actually imagine to be possible and real. I like the idea of speculating what a place, that we may be already familiar with, would look like in the future.

In this image we are actually in the City of Compton overlooking downtown LA. What you see is the future Los Angeles where most of flat areas of suburban-like sprawl have been transformed into a dynamic landscape. The world I am presenting is a result of symbiotic relationship between organisms that we could help evolve and grow to provide us with structural support, shelter, a framework for our living and working spaces without destroying them in the process like we have been doing for centuries.
My initial inspiration for this concept was the landscape of limestone rock formations along the Li River near Guilin in China. Such a landscape could be created by developing organic forms that would grow in a half natural half guided way and create a skeleton for our homes. In the same time those organisms would keep living by feeding of of our products of consumption. - a truly symbiotic system.

The lightweight structures are provided to guide the new developed plant-like organisms in a generally preconceived and agreed upon arrangement. Then the “organisms” much like vines overtake them and transform into sound and beautiful structures that provide support for other plants to grow and people to insert their homes, work spaces and places of leisure. When a desired height is reached the tops are turned into green recreational areas with most astounding views. The entire structure lives and constantly changes its appearance according to seasons, weather even times of the day.

What you see in the foreground is one of many large openings that are evenly spread out around this landscape. They serve as a local public space and a transportation node. In such a landscape the new forms of transportation are encouraged. public and private blimps are safe, environmentally friendly and esthetically fascinating. No more waiting stuck in traffic on the way to Venice Beach on a hot weekend. Just glide through the air above the city enjoying what it has become.

I would love to live in a city with such views, the smell of fresh air, sound of birds and a quiet buzz of blimp propellers. aah … dream on…


Nicely Done!


thank you!


if anybody were interested - this image is entirely painted in Photoshop. No 3D at all. Also no photos except a reference for downtown LA in the background that I painted over.
I would like to thank my wife for her patience past 2 weeks. I spent all my free time working on this. Also thanks to Manzer who let me know about this contest, Tadd Heidgerken, Ryan Wrocklage, Drone Iyangar and of course again - my wife - who gave me some precious feedback.
I also would like to mention Scott Robertson whose inspiring work and publications made me completely change what I wanted to do for living in my life


there is a beautiful large sculpture of a cow in the plaza under the banners for a new exhibition at MOCA downtown LA. the cow is made out of plastic but there aren’t any known ingredients in it that may cause cancer or be harmful in any way. it is save for children to play around the cow, however, parents’ supervision is always advised…


sorry: there is also one more thing i forgot to let you know about:

“starting March 11th all MTA air-ships will be equipped with bicycle and surfboard racks that can be used by passengers at no additional cost. the racks will accomodate up to 4 surfboards and 2 bicycles. We thank you again for your continiuing support for clean public transportation.”


man,i admire your patience in paainting the whole stuff,great work…


thanks JADAMAT!

i promise it’s a last addition to the description:

Crime rate in the City of Compton has gradually dropped to less than one 1%. Now one of the lowest in the country. Inhabitants enjoy well paid jobs and shorter working hours. The landscape also has a tranquilizing effect on people lowering the urge for aggression. There has been a report of a stolen air-ship ticket but it has been anonymously returned 2 days later at the Compton Station ticket office. Compton rich cultural scene attracts now visitors from West Side and all other Los Angeles areas as well as from Orange County.


and also for humans…
i’m very impresed by the way you’ve done that: only paintings ! …
For the dialog, i would like to know how the ground could be sunny ?
a solution: some lighttubes to conduct sunlight from the roof of this high city.
Make me enchanted and growing inspiration for that … thanks


Thank you AkoZ.

The vision in my image is a little dramatized but in reality I think the mountain shapes would be optimized to allow natural light penetration into the valleys as much as possible.

In fact: sloped surfaces already allow much more light to come in between the ridges unlike in contemporary cities where buildings with traditionally vertical facades keep most streets in shade most of the time, example: Manhattan. I think the landscape I am proposing would maintain similar density yet a lot more open space.


I really agree about your writings… i think you’ve worked not only the picture, but also the architecture. You’re from those humans who think “in the air of the present time” (in french: “dans l’air du temps”)… and i’ll keep your coordonates for further and more precize ideas from your head. best regards

to moderate:
i think the man who guides the airshift would be replaced by an automatic indicator
the machinery to catch those transporters should be more organic…



I must admit, as an architectural-trained mind, I am quite jealous of your capacity to articulate a vision. A capacity that gives you much power not only as an artist but in every sense of our being creative and obviously, you have realized this and are pursuing such venues. I came across this thread in a sort of round-about way (archinect.com) and though I perhaps am confused about several aspects of the built logic of the narrative, don’t really care about said logic since the image is so damn good!

great job and congratulations on your KROB “best in class” victory though several of us over at archinect feel you should’ve won “best in show”.

… there’s always next year!



wow! thanks a lot. I thought this post was buried somewhere in the digital hyperspace.
i really appreciate your comment.
i am a trained architect myself and agree there is no perfect scientific logic in this. it is more of a vision and collection of wishful thoughts - it’s all to support the image and the story, though I made an effort to make it as cohesive as possible.
I am really happy about the KROB result. the odds of getting best in show are very small considering the number of entries so I have nothing to complain about.
i’m glad to see another architect here. creative people learn the most through discovering other areas of art and design and bringing those lessons back into their own field.
good luck and thanks again for stopping by,


wow this is good! if ever, this will be way, way, way in the future. :slight_smile: but nice artwork! :thumbsup:


VERRRRRYYY nice use of lighting and moody atmosphere. It kind of made me fantasize for a second, even smelled a little bit of fresh outdoors. lol.


good job! keep it up dude


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