4th quarter soon to be over.....


Any news on LW8!?..



It will rock!!!

But hey, you can continue to create beauty in the mean time…


and hey dude…change your avatar…you look like you are lost at a rave. :smiley:


There’s still two weeks left. No jumping the gun, alright? :beer:


i know… but im soon going to start a project where i need hard body dynamics… and i would love to start using LW8 on that project!.. :)…


Originally posted by Heinz
i know… but im soon going to start a project where i need hard body dynamics… and i would love to start using LW8 on that project!.. :)…

aren’t we all.



im sure we are… but is’nt it any more news from Newtek at all!?..


…ahh…but isn’t the silence golden my child?

go forth and prosper…for the joy the king giveth is ten fold.



My bet on january/feb…:shrug:


Originally posted by Facial Deluxe
My bet on january/feb…:shrug:

you of all people should not wager a bet my friend.

remember vichi?


just kidding…i will buy the first bottle when we are taking in the sun in Marseille just to humor you.


20 december 03,noon(ish)


20 december 03,noon(ish)

Thats twice now… hmmmmmm… but 12/20 is on a Saturday… somehow that wouldn’t seem “right”?? :shrug:


wgreenlee1 20 december 03,noon(ish)

just hope your right

I hate Waiting for something this COOL !

OH thinking about it…I hope your wrong
( 19 december 03,noon(ish) :wink:
we’re always astep ahead of the rest of the world here in Oz so if it is the 20th there that means it would be 21st here :banghead:


I hope it’s the 19th.


it’ll be the 22d so they can field the calls evenly and not have them stack up over a weekend.

i think.


I hope it is soon, because I really plan to make a lot of stuff over Christmas break, and it would be good to have the new stuff to play with.

On the other hand…I want it all working fairly well and am willing to wait as long as it takes.

But then again…just give me, give me! I’ll wait for 8.0a to come out in January…and suffer with the bugs. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that it’ll miss the previously announced release timeframe by a small margin. That’s pretty standard for many software releases.

Plenty of other things to keep distracted with in the meantime. Shopping, LOTR release etc…


I feel the urgency building. It is more calm than the usual “where is 8?” diatribe we usually have. I wonder how much is left that they havn’t shared with us yet? I was at Siggraph when they released 7 and it was wonderful. Not necessarely because of the new version as much as the whole event really made you feel confident about the future of LW, something I don’t think we feel these days. I really hope they have some new tools that are really inovative and ahead of the curve of what everyone else is already using. I would really like to see a way to share assets over a large company easily, and some real time fur tools. That would be lovely.:drool: :drool: :drool:


hope before 24, because even Nt team needs some holiday for Christmas time!! :beer:
looked for Champagne icon but found only beer


Yeah, I was thinking of the developers/helpdesk folks. I’d rather they got the time off instead of me getting my new Lightwave 8. But I’m sure there is a compromise there. :wink:


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