4k Laptop blurry / High DPI


Hi guys,
Iam running a 4k Dell XPS 9560 Laptop and have some UI scaling problems. I installed Cinema on my machine with a windows scaling of 175% and everything looks super blurry in cinema. I tested the override High DPI method but now cinema is super tiny and also with adjusting the font size its not really usefull. Without the override high dpi method octane is also scaling with it.
Is there maybe a nice way around to use Cinema and Octane in a normal UI size without blur.

Thanks a lot for your help !


I have the exact same issue and I find no solution. However the problem has to do with c4d program not being updating there software to match windows 4k dpi standards for windows


C4D has no high res support on Windows at the moment, and windows’ app scaling is fairly poor. What you see is what you’re stuck with im afraid.


I resorted to setting my 4K display PC to 2560x1440 so as a pixel is a pixel and it gave me decent screen real estate. you can set odd resolutions using Custom Resolution Utility. Learned to live with the softness. Using AE plugins from RedGiant is a nightmare on any scaling of any sort. Disgrace really that this isnt fixed yet.


I’m working on XPS 15 9550 for 2 years and had no UI scaling problem on Cinema 4d, I use 250% (windows recommended) scaling at 3840x2160, I would get sharper UI with 175% scaling but on 15" screen this would be too small. Windows scaling and layout apply to all software not just Cinema 4D in my case.

I had UI scaling problem with other s/w (Photoshop Elements) until I upgrade it to a newer version.



the reason that you don’t have a blurry screen is because you probably using a huge monitor by comparison. If you are using a laptop or a monitor with a small screen then it will have scailing issues.


Icy Blue is using a 15" laptop screen. It really depends what you consider to be a problem. The xps has a 4k screen, quadruple that of a regular 1080 screen. C4D runs at the lower 1080 resolution then gets scaled up to 4k. If you take a 1080 screenshot and scale it up to 4k in photoshop, it will look similarly soft. It would be nice to have a “no scaling” option where we see the crisp pixellated edges of the pixels, but alas, that option simply doesn’t exist.