44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcut!


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i noticed that CTRL+ALT+rigt mouse click+drag to change brush hardness :slight_smile:


F3 for “Copy” , F4 for “Paste” and Cmd+J for “Cut and Paste” of course you need to use the marquee toll to execute the cut and paste… :thumbsup:


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If you haven’t already found this, CS4 supports spring-loaded tools… whatever you are using now, just hold the shortcut key for the next tool, keep holding while using it, then release to get back to your original tool.

For example… using the brush tool (B), you can quickly get to the eraser by holding down E, erase while holding E, then let go to ‘spring’ back to B.


Great stuff.I think those functions are called sticky keys, at least in the 3d world.


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jep, thx for that list. I hope i will use 7 of the tipps now constantly.


That might be the case for 3D, but PS has called them spring-loaded, for whatever reason :slight_smile:


Great stuff. All these tricks are very good. Thanks man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the short cut keys. There are some that I didnt even know…Thanks again for the time to post this to us. :wink:

I do hope that it applies to cs5 as well…


you are a genius Neso. I have been looking for this kinda feature forever :slight_smile:


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hi sir is that possible can i draw a curve line in photoshop and give a stroke…


Yes we can draw a curved line in photoshop please check this Thanks


hi there… thank you for that one… it’s very useful especially in people just like me who is beginner… thank you for sharing…

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These tips are really useful. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Just wondering, in CS5, how can I switch rapidly from normal brush (B) to Mixer brush (B), without having to use the mouse to click the brush tool button and select the mixer brush?