44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcut!


Just joined CGsociety already i’ve found heaps of info, i’ma go through all these shortcuts and make one big word doc out of it and post it on my wall lol :applause:


Generally when you apply transformation to an object you apply the transformation to the object itself. A cool tip if you want apply transformation on a duplicate of you object is Command-Option-T (PC: Control-Alt-T, then use transform like you usually would. Notice that the original object remains untoched and a copy is transformed instead!

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If you are trying to set the type to set type that looks typographically correct in Photoshop there is an old trick you will have to break; putting two spaces at the end of every sentence. To fix this problem follow these steps:

  • Go under the Edit menu and choose Find and Replace Text.

  • In the Find field press spacebar twice, then in Change To, press the space bar just once.

    • Click Change All, and every time that Photoshop finds two spaces at the end of the sentence, it will replace it with just one, making you typographically correct.




I think that tips like number 1 should also include how to undo that action, otherwise someone like me might have to spend hours trying to get back to normal.

Otherwise an interesting list, which I will now study more closely.


I didn’t get a monkey, I got this:-

By the way I suppose everybody already knows that if you have the move tool selected clicking on the left, right, up and down arrows will move that layer one pixel in the arrow’s direction?


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Er… what’s supposed to happen?

I diligently created a 500x500 new image - faithfully painted my dot at 12 o’clock, managed the transform somehow - took ages to findout where the degrees were so I could get exactly 30 degrees, expectantly did the “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T 10 times” bit, and peered intensely at my Photoshop screen… but nothing happened, nothing I could see anyway.

Is there a step missing?


Photoshop Brush Palette Lock Attribute Function


Nice one!!! For the longest time i’ve always been annoyed at losing my brush setup between brushes! Thanks!


Click and hold and drag the eyedropper and you can eyedropper ANYWHERE on your screen - outside of your document - even outside of Photoshop itself.


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If you have worked on Illustrator you already know how to create a multiple shapes from a single shape and make multiple copies by using the Short Cut Key Ctrl + D on PC.

Well the same is also possible in [b][color=White]Photoshop…



Really useful thread…

Here’s a couple of tips I don’t think I’ve seen posted…

  • Hold ctrl and alt and right-click an area in your image to automatically select it’s layer.

The REALLY cool part… Hold shift at the same time and you can now select multiple layers by right-clicking areas on each of those layers in turn - extremely useful when there are hundreds of layers you need to select… say trees in a forest…

  • ctrl shift [ sends the current layer to the bottom - useful when you want to keep something but hide it under your other layers for the time being…

  • ctrl shift ] sends the current layer to the top…

  • ctrl \ selects a layer’s mask

  • ctrl shift # selects the layer again.


Some really useful stuff here, thanks for sharing


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Great help for me! thanks and post more tricks.


CS4 hidden gem!

When using brush (B) hold ALT+rigt mouse click+drag to change brush radius.
Pretty awesome. I discovered it by accident.
Take that Painter!



Thanks for ur sharing… so useful…


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