44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcut!


Thx! Don’t have CS2 yet, so I guess I’ll be doing it the old fashion way. Thx again.


great post dude…and thnx to all other users…

while using brush tool by pressing . and , u can choose between different types of brushes…

by holding ctrl and double click on the screen u can select a new file

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yeah , your right, when I wrote it that is what I meant to say. What I should have wrote is if you have a soft brush of a size 20 when you press [ or ] it goes up or down in size 30, 40, 50 and so on.



very nice tips.
especially #5 is very useful for me.

I filled my background white,
and by pressing 3 x “F” to fullscreen mode, i have a black one.
very good to check pieces with those two different backgrounds.

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Wow. I’ve been using photoshop for years and didn’t know like half of those. Good list! I also found that in CS pressing ctrl+0 (that’s a zero) will automatically fit an image on the screen if you are zoomed in or out.


perhaps allready in here, but i’ll verify that later:

> holding shift while in zoom mode enables you to zoom in by scrolling up and zoom out by scrolling down
> ctrl-click “create a new layer” to create one underneath the previous one instead of on top

  1. If you want to make a image straight that is crooked (maybe from scanning). Click on the eyedropper tool or it the I key 3 times to get the ruler. Click on the left side of the straight edge, then the right side of the straight (but crooked) edge. The choose Image> Rotate Canvas> Arbitrary. PS will give you the degress of rotation you just click ok.

this is more easily done with the crop tool, draw a crop selection, rotate it so it’s the same angle as the “badly scanned image”, double click it.


ALT+F+F - document metadata template…8)


:thumbsup: Great tips & tricks

I just found one in CS2, hope it’s usseful:
Select multiple layers, hold SHIFT and click the New Group icon. All the layers that were selected will be put into the new Group.


I’m not sure if this was posted earlier, but I hope this is helpful, even though it may be a bit basic::

I’m sure a lot of PS users are familar with the default tool palette and its short cuts (you can view these keyboard shortcuts by placing your mouse/cursor over the tool, a pop-up note will appear, type/press these letters and you can select the tool specified)

However, some tools have different tool varieties, but the same keyboard shortcut. (ex:: B is for the Brush Tool, but also for the Pencil Tool, and ColorReplacement Tool (CS)

You can scroll through the different types 2 different ways::

(1) Click and Hold down LeftMouseButton on tool and you can scroll to the tool you want.

(2) Shift + Keyboard ShortCut can also scroll through the different tools

ex:: Shift + B (once = Brush) Shift + B (twice = Pencil) Shift + B (thrice = ColorReplacement)

NOTE:: Keyboard shortcuts are NOT case sensitive


nice thread, but I think that are not hidden, maybe change hidden to useful


Ok, Some I remember right now:

When a portion of text is selected, try [ctr + shift + +] to make ps! N [ alt + ctr + shift + + ] to make ss! :wink:

alt + ctr + ( click on little triangle up right of layer palette/ palette options ) => opens merlin window! That locks your Photoshop UI! So no one can doodle it! Till you hit “Begone”!!! :smiley:

alt + [ or ], move between layers :slight_smile:

ctr + ), fit on screen

ctr + alt + ), actual size

Although there is more but just fingers knew em cause I can’t remember now when I don’t need em!!!

PS: Ftaswin , ctr/shift/alt/t really rocks man! :smiley: I didn’t knew this one really!

Have good shortcutting! Mim, :wink:


[b][font=Verdana][size=2]Ftaswin awesome trick, that “duplicate transrform again” thing!!
I’m sharing some tricks about text:

having a chunk o text selected, press Alt + Right Arrow to increase Tracking by 20 and Alt+Ctrl+Right Arrow to increase tracking by 100. Of course, Left Arrow decreases tracking.
with text selected, press Alt + Up Arrow to increase the line Leading and Alt+Shift+Up Arrow to increase Baseline shift ([/b][/size][/font][font=Verdana][size=2] for example,[/size][/font][b][font=Verdana][size=2] a single char). Again, Down Arrow decreases values.

One thing that I didn’t came across until recently is that having the marquee tool active, the RMB menu changes giving you access for example to the Color Range option. The eyedropper is another one interesting: if I want to select a color of an image to make an html page background color the same, instead of eyedropping one color, open the color picker and copy the hexa for the color, I can right click on top of the color, RMB and select Copy Color as HTML.


“crtl+alt+shif+K” brings up the Keyboard Shortcuts. You can browse and edit the keys. Even assign a shortcut to Brightness/Contrast as someone mentioned. Better still, press “summarize” and export three .html files that gives you a overview on all shortcuts in Photoshop. Maybe not all are there, but you will learn a lot by going through it.



I must to copy your post in my PS help, because I don’t have time to write all this shortcuts,
I know it all…excuse me


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sorry if i am repeating that

on a white background canvas

draw with brush - white colour and difference blend mode selected

then on the screen you will find white colour instead of black because of difference blend mode

now you can again paint with white colour selected or any other colour

have fun with photoshop :scream:


Great thread, thanks to all the kind people who have shared their knowledge.

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Sorry if it was already mentioned bit this one is really good - it adds functionality rather than just doing something quicker.

with Levels (ctrl l), press alt as you adjust white and black points. It will give you a new display mode of your image showing clipping and has colour feedback to show what channels remain unclipped. If you know your primary and secondary color theory you will see what I mean.

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It’s a very usefull tips =D


Can’t get enough keyboard shortcuts! Just need to remember them now…