44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcut!


I know about this. This is in point 5 this thread tips. That option fills space around image in window, but i want fill gray bacground outside window (I don’t know is it possible)

It is possible, but not in Photoshop it self … (Greetings to all adobe software developers out there!!!).
My desktop, workspace and document backgrounds are set to black.
Photoshop uses the colorsettings of Windows, since I know Photoshop … o_O wicked-sick

So you just have to change the application background color similar as if you would change your desktop color. I dunno, why they didn’t put that into some settings tab of Photoshop it self.

Generally I’m not fan of general settings of the operation system that interfere with my programs. I want to have a custom set of colors, which I can set independly in each software. Cinema 4D, for example, has the most convinient and most flexible GUI settings so far I know. Photoshop needs some more GUI improvements, though …

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Great thread!

I need some help, if you press shift + (Tool letter) will cycle between the tool (ej: paint tool, gradient tool).
So i wanna konw how i can change the mode inside the tool (like brush, pencil, block in the eraser)



press SHIFT + + [the one near the backspace key] to cycle layer modes, burn and dodge modes, brush modes…etc.


actually ctrl+shft+n works just fine, no alt necessary

  Only if you want to get another dialog box... pressing alt will give you new layer straight away.
 Back to brush, [ and ] will increase/decrease your brush size, shift + [ or ] will soften or harden your brush edge

Still in [ and ], Ctrl + [ or ] with move your currently selected layer up and down the hirarchy and Shift + [ or ] with select upper layer or lower layer

Stamp Tool (s) is used to copy an area of image (defined by alt+clicking and area) and paint it somewhere else (cloning). It also works when you have multiple images open at the same time. Alt click an area of any opened file image and paint it anywhere else.

After you created a text you can click on font type tab and tap “down” key over and over to scroll through the font list and see the changes in (relatively) real time. A Feature that I am tired of waiting to happen in illustrator.

Still in text, a trick from microsoft word also apply: hilight the text you ARE typing and hit ctrl+shift+ < or > to resize you text to your need interactively. Pressing Ctrl key while you ARE typing also gives you a free transform box temporarily and will go if you release it. Resizing text also works by pressing ctrl+T (on selected layer, not when you are typing). It still retain as an editable text layer after.

And remember, pressing enter when you type will take you to a new line just like typing a letter but pressing ctrl+Enter OR Enter on numeric key will finish what you type.

You can drag a layer on to any other opened images in photoshop and it will copy it as a layer (better than copy and paste imho). Holding down shift while moving it will snap the image right on the center of the other opened image

If you are working with sets…

Click on the set, in the blending mode it shows pass through by default… if you have an adjustment layer within a set and you want that adjustment layer to effect those layers underneath it WITHIN the set only, set the blending mode of the set to “normal” instead.

  Mentioned before with more explanation:
  • Pressed F to switch to 3 different viewing mode… when I first try it I said “wtf? what it’s for?” Well, if you are sick of painting your image on the corners just to find yourself resizing your current image window, with F you can pan way outside your image. Happy corner painting!!

  • Create a new file, 500x500 px, create a new layer, get a standard brush and paint a dot on the top center of your image (like the number 12 position on a clock). press ctrl+alt+T, it will duplicate your original layer and free transform the new one, move the pivot point (the circle with little dot in it found when you are free transforming something) to the center of your image, rotate your image 30 degrees to the right and hit OK to confirm the transform


    be exicted…

    Hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T 10 times and see what happen!! I have just found it last week. I used to think this can only be done in illustrator.

    I hope that helps…


Thank you I-NetGraFX.
Tahnk you all.


This is my first post…and im glad to say “THANX FOR THE TIPS!”
It did not only pave me a way to easier life but made my keyboard usefull with photoshop!
Il gave this a 10, 10, 10, 10 ,10 (a perfect score of 50)


Scrolling up or down through your brush pallet used to happen with command + [ ] until the new brush engine came on the scene in PS7.


this is true for photoshop 4. using "[ " " ] " did allow you to scroll thru the brush list.
they changed this in the latter versions.


Great … advice
Thank you man … :thumbsup:


AND…try the shortcut keys below, it also works out …just some of them cannot …and some make the same effect…[window]

A, B, C,… to Z
Ctrl+A, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+C,… to Ctrl+Z
Ctrl+Alt+A, Ctrl+Alt+B, Ctrl+Alt+C, …to Ctrl+Alt+Z
Ctrl+Shift+A, Ctrl+Shift+B, Ctrl+Shift+C, … to Ctrl+Shift+Z
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C, …to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Z
Alt+A, Alt+B, Alt+C, …to Alt+Z
Shift+A, Shift+B, Shift+C, … to Shift+Z

i cant remember all…u just try it. And u can use “Actions” for record what u did and set the key u want [F1-F12] …i always tell people what i remember only …and tell them to find out others by themselves…coz its so lots.



If I’m not mistaken, you should be able to scroll through the brush list (rather than resizing) in the newer versions of Photoshop using the , (comma) and . (dot) keys… (or the < and > keys for easier reference).


very helpfull stuff


I made these minimal modifications that I find very useful:
Assigned ctrl+z to step backwards in the history palette.I find undo a silly option having this one available!PLUS,u won’t b needin the history pallette that much,anymore,so it’s a pallette less to bulk up your workspace.
Assigned F3 for print size(view>print size).Helps me keep notion of how much detail I should put,or not,when coloring a comic page.All that zooming in n out can make u overdetail a page without any worthy outcome,if not a bad one(specially concerning deadlines).


Just a small advice.B4 creating a new shotcut key,check the options given by the right button.After all,it’s a lot more simple clicking a moving the cursor a little up or down than try to remember all these crazy combos n having your fingers do funky gymnastics.


Man you guys rock, this is some solid and very valuable tricks.

Cheers to all


ok…here is somehting that has been bugging me until i understood it today…

Everyone knows the number keys change the opacity of your brush…and that shift+## key will change the flow of your brush.

Well, for whatever reason…and i finally found out why…if you have the AIRBRUSH toggled ON…these hotkeys are reversed…and now the ## keys change flow and shift+## will change opacity…

in the beginning of this thread it showed that you can change the blend mode of brushes/layers…it was not listed that you need to hold shift+alt and in combo with the hotkey

now is there a hotkey for changing tool presets, similar to the , and . for brush tip?


Does anyone know if there’s a hotkey to cycle back and forth through the list of tool presets (not brush list)? I didn’t find any mention of it anywhere.


LoTeK I dont know of such a thing.

Anyway thanks for the tips I knew most of em though :slight_smile:


Asked a couple of PS pros that I know (or are at least better at PS then I am currently), is there a way to select multiple layers versus selecting one at a time to put into a set (or folder)? Just curious… as it sounded like I should have made the set first before creating multiple layers.

Thx. XenaTrek.


Asked a couple of PS pros that I know (or are at least better at PS then I am currently), is there a way to select multiple layers versus selecting one at a time to put into a set (or folder)? Just curious… as it sounded like I should have made the set first before creating multiple layers.

New in CS2:

select a layer,
Shift select more layers (not link, you can select muliple layers at once in CS2)
Ctrl G