44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcut!


to use a layer as a mask for another layer, just put the second layer above the first one and alt+left click in the midle of the 2.

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I think it’s called group with previous layer, and you can alternatively do it by click Ctrl-G (or Ctrl-Shift-G will ungroup)

Tip 66 (or so) ctrl-click a layer thumbnail to select the layer transparency

Tip 67 to see what your layer mask looks like (and edit it), alt-click its thumbnail in the layers palette


press D to set fore/background to default colors

press X to switch foreground and background

id like a shortcut for Brightness/contrast adjusment :stuck_out_tongue:


Did anyone see this pic before in PS.
to see it press Ctrl + Alt and from Help menu choose About Photoshop. :smiley:

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heres another good trick to add to the list

When using Polygon laso tool hold shift to make a perfect line, it goes every 30 degrees


You can do a shortcut to brightness/contrast by using actions and “select menu item” from the palette menu when in record mode - I set mine to F2


Not quite, though I too believed it for a long time. Instead, it actually seems to resize the current brush from the current “master” pattern, rather than moving up and down the brush palette. Try it with a custom brush, rather than a circular splat – it will be very clear what happens.


Im using Photoshop CS2 and recently found that you can select many layers using shift, and then press ctrl+g to group them into a folder…very practical

thanks for all the tips, now i have brightness/contrast in F4!! :smiley:


actually ctrl+shft+n works just fine, no alt necessary :slight_smile:


Hello peeps. Thought this would be the best place for my question, any help would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Is there a way that I can move up and down layers with one hand? I’m finding it frustrating having to keep on moving my drawing hand to the keyboard to reach the “alt” key while my keyboard hand presses [ or ] I’ve got a standard keyboard which has an “Alt Gr” on the right hand side of the space bar which acts like a “crt” key when used with [ / ]

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Anyone know how to change default color of workspace, something like in point 5 but to the workspace not space around image. I seen something like this in Gnomon DVD with Aaron Sims Vol. 1. He has black color of workspace. I’m not quite shure but I think that Dusso has the same.


k im assuming there isnt one for 7.0 thats what im using, cs(2) = resource hog (and it wont run on my pc…


i don’t know exactly if this what you want or something else but you can change your background by click SHIFT + Fill too and click in the workspace area to change to the color you want.
i think if you read carefully from the first one you’ll find it around.

hope it helps :smiley:


I know about this. This is in point 5 this thread tips. That option fills space around image in window, but i want fill gray bacground outside window (I don’t know is it possible)


can you put an image for the area you want to color it to know what you are tlaking about?



the gnomon dvd guy probably used the fullscreen mode (tap ‘F’ several times - at least twice), the bg is black.

Else the workspace color is your windows GUI color…


press ‘f’ once, to go to full screen mode with tool bar, then shift click with the bucket tool on the outer canvas area. and your foreground colour will fill the canvas, like mlkdesign mentioned the GUI will change the standard mode background…i think :wink:


They are two separate things, the one you mention was Point 5 of the first post of the thread, (the window color), whereas I’m talking about the standatd window workspace backgrouund color, usually gray (I know I like to turn mine a tad brownish, it feels more ‘warm’)… Mac users fo instance don’t have the same minimize, maximize, close buttons… As a matter of fact, I don’t think they have a background in Photoshop, as when you work in window mode you can see your desktop. Yuk.


yearghh ye be right. thats probably where i read it too. :eek: