4 Tips for Character Design [VIDEO]


I’ve made a short video condensing 4 years of character design work into 4 tips in 4 minutes. It contains some of the gems I stole from the flash people at Weta Workshop that I worked with :slight_smile:

You can see it on youTube >> here<<



I’m thinking about doing another tutorial video. Having watched the above, do you guys and girls have any ideas for future or criticism on the first one?

(If you can understand my Kiwi accent in the first place)



Especially that video where you’re chilling by a lake procrastinating. Living the dream!

More of the same


Thanks. I liked a lot. No things to point out. Moar please.

One question: In the beggining of a character concept, do you set up those geometrical shapes you talk about to figure out the overall shape or you start to draw and adapt the drawing to the geometrical shapes to give more an interesting look?



With a name like DrSnooze your comment makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: - If only the illustration process was as procrastination-able as the writing.

Asmodai - I’d say it is a bit of a mix for me, as long as you’re thinking about how the characters work together. Whether you want two characters to be opposed to each other, or similar to each other. Or, if you want to have an overall style (ie everybody has inverted triangle torsos and square heads), then you can find what other shapes define them amongst the cast of characters.


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