4 Hi-Res Episode III




hard to tell anything from the images, except that natalie portman is still sooooo fine.


that is the only reason why I am going to watch sw3! Love Natalie Portman!


I once did a drawing of Natalie Portman…it’s pretty much the best drawing I ever done…it took like 3 hours to shade the upperlip…


Yah, I wonder if they’er going the have any Ligers- half lion, half tiger…it’s pretty much my favorite animal.


You should ask her out for the prom.


i recommend you watch “closer” instead :wink:


You should ask her out for the prom.

Bake her a cake.


ah I watched it 2 times in the theater :wink: LOVE HER SOO MUCH! :love:


they burnt all the good bits in closer… :hmm:


Natalie Portman Happy Hour!


I’d recommend Garden State. It’s out now + it’s a good movie. :slight_smile:


I wonder how George Lucas would respond looking at a thread with people saying they’ll only watch SW-3 for Natalie Portman.


He’s smart enough to know that they are lying. Not to say that seeing a movie just too look at NP is a bad thing. As for the whole pre-judging a movie before is released, it’s no more than an opinion. Not based on facts.


Yeah … but then there’s that Episode I & II bit.
I’ll probably still see III in the theater, but I expect that the most enjoyable parts will be Natalie Portman’s. (pun intended) :drool:


Natalie Portman, she’s pretty, but boy is she wooden in these films. Watch Episode 1 or 2, it’s excruiating some of those Hayden/Nat moments.

When I think back to that accent she had in the first film, that monotone way of talking, whose idea was that? Problem is, George is so rich now everyone is too afraid to tell him ‘hey George, that idea blows!’.

Nevermind, everyone will still go see it cos it’s the only show in town. Coruscant looks nice there at least.


Her acting is shit in Star Wars but her pretty eyes make up for it.

But yes, see Garden State, Braff gave her a great role, and he dropped his ‘Scrubs’ character very quicky in my mind.


Natalie Portman’s acting in the star wars films is only terrible because of GL’s directing. Look at the mediocre performance he got out of Ewan as well, one of the best actors out there along with the lovely miss Portman. You just have watch her in Leon and more recently in Garden State to see how amazing she is.
On a side note, bizarre as this may sound. i actually think she was more beautiful when she was younger. I dont mean that in a pervy way, she was just more jaw droppingly stunning. Now, although still amazing, her face is a weird shape :shrug:



I think my biggest annoyance with these four shots is that all of them are chroma keyed. I think even the shot from slightly above, where the floor is out of focus is keyed. ridiculous.

I thought Lucas had been hanging out with his new friend Peter Jackson lately. anyone seen the ginormous set of NYC Jackson had made for his Kong film? it’s spectacular.


On the other hand, many movies are made that are complete crud, and there were many people all putting in their own opinions hoping to improve it… writers, directors, producers, etc. Then you have the test screenings with the public inputting what blows, cuts are made, reshoots are done… and the movies STILL BLOW. So it ‘cuts’ both ways.

With Star Wars, we are getting someones vision come to life with very little outside input. Now how many of us would love to be able to do that?

For example, I love the paintings of Rubens… but did he have to use those obese women? “They blow!” Heh, well he did what he wanted to do creatively and I appreciate that.