4.2 bugs or am i in the wrong


I really din’t want to start this kind of a thread but im interested in hearing feedback about some wierd things (bugs) you guys maybe coming across in the new up grade. Maybe it will also give other users a headsup :shrug:

A1) i open up a scene in 4.2 of a female model with a dress on that was done in 4
In 4.2 the dress was all messed up and it was not fitting right thought maybe i messed up din’t save it. but when i opened it up in 4.o everything was fine!

that one still has me dazzled:shrug:

b) Also any scene i opened up none of my surfaces (shaders tree /render tree) whatever you guys call it come over only the material node but not the entire tree


For (a) I’m assuming an enveloped mesh? Any thing special about it - cloth deformers? Something cached?

In terms of (b), I do know that one change they made was to the way the material libraries were stored (I think so that they wouldn’t get lost when using the RV Material Editor). During the beta this meant that scenes saved in 4.2 couldn’t be opened in 4.0 - but you were supposed to be able to open 4.0 scenes in 4.2 no problem.

If you’re saying that any scene you open isn’t taking the full tree over, then something is very wrong. I’ve been able to open 4.0 scenes without problem.


I imported a scene from 4.0 that I’d used the diffusion shader in, and when I opened it in 4.2 the render tree opened with only the material node. Then I remembered that I needed to add on the diffusion shader to 4.2, and after doing so the scene opened with the whole render tree intact. Kind of odd that. Even if the shader itself was missing, the tree should still open intact with just an empty node or something, not the whole tree missing.

Maybe you should check to make sure you’re not missing any addons that you were using in 4.0.


hmm maybe thats the problem with the shaders

As for the cloth i used deformers on the dress but it was frozen.


If you have a frozen mesh that opens differently in 4.2 and 4.0 you should definitely send it in to support. They’ll want to take a look at that.


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