3landscapes-blue, Michael Williamson (3D)


Title: 3landscapes-blue
Name: Michael Williamson
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Blender

Done as spec work for a videogames company

I’ve been using blender for pretty much everything for about three years now, but haven’t done any “render” work for ages. This was rendered as several passes for an animation and composited together using blender’s internal node compositor…

the landscape materials were blended together marked by a vertex colour map, each different vertex colour sets the intensity of four different materials. This was the first time I’d used the blender "hair " particles for grass…


There are two more images that formed parts of this project:

3landscapes: red

and finally a jungle shot
3landscapes: green

All three shots were done with open source software: blender for modelling animation, rendering and compositing… Gimp for texturing and for the last shot ivy generator and ngplant were used as well as the dracena and the palm tree being stock models from BLENDER GREENHOUSE…##

all three done in two weeks including a 60 second animtion of the first…


I really like your rendering, composition, and color palettes on all three! Very nice and extensive work here. The grass looks great too.

In the first one, I find the trees to be a bit flat and very obviously “CG”. I think translucence and reflectivity could be adjusted for a more realistic look, especially as the leaf clusters get dense and the lighting should also show this… They seem to lack internal shadows in this one.

But overall awesome work, and thanks for sharing! I love seeing huge projects like this come to life…


Really nice work. I like the color palettes you used for the shots. The first one seems like it could use more extreme atmospheric falloff to sell the scale and distance of those mountains, and the trees look like they were layered over incorrectly :shrug:

The jungle shot looks great :thumbsup:


i really like it
very nice work


Thanks for the tips and kindcomments guts!

know that the trees suck! I certainly wouldn’t want to do them like that again!

the shapes were ok, but the leaves were really badly done without any “species” traits as well, they were slow to render and I was focussing on an animation!

I spent the most time on this shot on the trees and still they’re the worst part!

I used translucency for the 3rd shot, but had completely forgotten about that for the first!

(and yes, they were badly comped in too… ah well)


That looks amazing. Great you were able to use open software only, and two weeks is really fast! I almost don’t dare crit any of it, but the only thing that caught my eye was that the road in the second picture looks more like metal than tarmac. Reflection is a bit extreme and the bump map looks a bit too regular from a distance.


Crit away, Please!

I always think that with the sun low in the sky that tarmac does look metallic… so that’s what I was going for…

but I guess I could have got the specular with more fresnel going on to keep it more real… so the specular is reduced the more directly welook at the road… it’d certainly reduce the intensity as the road gets closer that way…

the bump map does get a bit regular… perhaps I should have blended in some larger scale variation…


The red landscape made my jaw drop… I wouldn’t even know where to begin modeling a rocky landscape such as this.



As with all of these, start simple then refine… I gathered lots of reference

I blockout the forms very roughly, then used textures to displace… did some test renders then pulled the forms around…

the fore ground rocks were sculpted using brush based tools (but in blender’s sculpt mode), the background and mid ground were just displaced…

here’s two screen grabs showing the initial blockout then the first pass at refinement…

as you can see it’s all a bit dirty!


Michael thank you for taking the time to post the WIP images, very nice to see them. I would like to start modeling more outdoor environments, so this is great to be able to view the underlying geometry.



Woah… Nice renders… :slight_smile: Congrats! :thumbsup:


Nice images dude. I loved the first one…Congrats! :wink:


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