3DWorld/CGSociety poll :: Interface Technology


At Siggraph 2009’s Emerging Technologies presentation, delegates were treated to dazzling demos of hyper-real VR, 3D teleconferencing, a OEscratch input system and OEtouchable holography. But which of these fledgling products has the potential to change the 3D world and which were the non-starters?

The question this issue is: Which new interface technology shows the most promise for 3D artists?

A display that uses an ultrasound device, an LCD and a concave mirror to enable users to OEtouch objects that appear to be floating in 3D space.

A hyper-realistic virtual reality system that tracks users movements very accurately using multiple cameras.

A 3D teleconferencing system that maintains eye contact between a 3D head and several participants on the other end of a connection.

Chris Harrison’s system for turning any surface into an instant input device.


For more information:

SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies 2009

Touchable Holography

Virtualisation Gate


Scratch Input


Woow:drool:, sounds interesting!
were can i find more info about these?





Touchable Holography : Youtube video



You cant use a touchscreen interface all day, your arms will fall off
Scratchable input, its a microphone detecting sounds. Voice input without the voice
Headspin, dont see how its relevent

Virtualisation gate, this has potential but not for the reason in the poll. As an interface no, forget it. Youre not gonna be ‘grabbing’ a tool from a shelf and then sculpting it. However though as a very very very very cheap motion capture input, it has potential.


This would be my answer too.


I’m on the “None” train, too.

I could see any of these technologies adding a new dimension to what CGI artist create, but not to how they create it. They all appear to be end-user tech, rather than creator tech.


E) multi touch screen workstations


none for creation, but their definitely all fun for iphoney gadgetry. :slight_smile:


I’d say being camera tracked while looking through and HMD and being able to sculpt with voxels while doing so. Basically, being able to walk around the 3d object you are sculpting. Like antigravity clay.


Must add answer “NONE” because in the question it specifyes artists.
None is my answer because i dont see any use of these tehnologies in CG…

Those interesting interaction methods are for desktop users. Shiny interface for kids and people at work in some office… bz bz bz :wise:


My opinion is also none. The more moves - the higher fatigue.
Those technologies may be used in other areas, for those who are weak at operating computers or need fast visualisation of a 3d space.


None !!
Just go watch “Minority Report”
an see how Stupid tom cruise looks
grabbing and Manipulating virtual objects.:argh:

All of these are not relevant to CG work IMHO



Why not? I cna imagine a wooden ball, rolling out with a name “critical error”, which you should send to autodesk by mail.


mouse> i’ve yet to find a device that’s more capable covering such a wide set of computing tasks.

second would be a wacom tablet/pen

i’d answer NONE to this poll as they are just gimmicks and look pretty stupid to my eyes.


Scratchable input looks interesting if only it still allow some form of tactile connection between us and the computer. Many uses beyond the desktop, could go almost anywhere in entertainment centers, to restaurants, to parks, to schools and etc.


Yeah none would be my choice for the resons outlined by others.

They look like they have great potential but I would not really say in the 3D artists field.


why “none” guys ???

as I see, all of this technologies are still in development … so, If they make it more flexible it would help the artists …

for example, If they develop the “Touchable Holography” to make the artist create things on 3d space with turnable views and multi-dimensions, this should be very useful, at least for me …

I agree that those things - in current situation - can’t help a lot, but it’s the first step anyway …


Amen brother! Pixar did an interesting research paper on this and the speed increases in the artists workflow was significant and it is usable technology (ie, its out there and actually likely to make its way to the desktop).

Comping with something like a multitouch Wacom would be awesome. Throw in the ability for it to come up with a keyboard and I would be sold.