3dsmax9 / Vista problems


Soloman, make sure you have the latest drivers for your gfx card! Oh, and try changing the display driver from OpenGL to DirectX (or the other way round).

JohnnyRandom: Its not only hobyists who buy 3ds and refuse a subscription, small businesses do too. All I am saying is that if there is a solution available, why keep it for a select few?
If you must, then release JUST those parts which fix Max for Vista, and keep the “Productivity” bits for the subscribers.


Should Microsoft be responsible to fix VISTA compatibility issues with 3dsmax9? The problem is caused by VISTA in the first place.



If the problem was caused by Vista, then why does PB1 fix the problem? No my friend, the problem was with Max (go read up on it at The Area), but thats a moot point. The fact is that Vista and Max are already working together fine. My argument is simply that non-subscribers should also get the Vista-Fix. whether they should get the rest of the features in the Productivity Booster is another issue entirely.


So what you guys are saying is you should get for free what subscribers pay for, because you upgrade to an unsupported OS? I don’t understand it and the fact is if your not on subscription you will have to wait for the next major release and upgrade, and might I suggest adding subscription to the upgrade :thumbsup:. The thing is DirectX 10 support is a new feature, and Autodesk only gives free updates for bug fixes. You have to pay to have access to new features through subscription or upgrades, I guess this is the downside to a large publicly traded company.



well trying to avoid a flame war here - seems daft to invest a £3000 in max and now £400 per annum on the subscription - it’s cheaper than upgrading when you do the maths!

IMHO Max 9 should have been vista compatible across the board, the productivity booster seemed to be struggling for real features this time - it smacks of autodesk trying to find something to put in the subscription pack.

A better feature and worthy of the £400 subs price would be to get the whole damn thing multithreaded - fur et al! BUT and it’s a big but - all the plugins that we get in subscription are fine, but there is always a better 3rd party solution and adesk have to tread a fine line by giving users new features and keeping the 3rd party folk with a decent size market.


Well I hate flame wars, so I have avoided posting in this thread again :smiley:

I will just say that I AM a subscriber, and for all the reasons you guys have mentioned. It saves me a ton of money in the long run, and the support is great.

jonesthesteam: You are right about the lack of features in PB1, it really does seem like Autodesk are holding out on the Vista fix to increase “value” for subscribers.


So they should have held off on releasing Max while they waited for Microsoft to release Vista. Then they would have to find testers that are early adopters, which I doubt there are that many. So they should have delayed it for 6+ months because a select amount of users decided to be early adopters? I think most Windows users are like some max users where they wait for the first SP before they adopt the new version. On top of that the extensions seem to be a wider beta test of features for the next release, where some extensions get enhancements with the next release based on user feedback.

A better feature and worthy of the £400 subs price would be to get the whole damn thing multithreaded - fur et al!
This will probably never happen. By the time you make the whole thing multithread you will break most 3rd party support due to core changes. Now you basically have a new app where everyone has to start over, why do that? Why not put the development towards a new app instead? Also, as I stated before Joe Alter, not Autodesk, has to multithread Hair. Unless they complete own the max Hair and Fur code, which I highly doubt. This would be the downside to implementing 3rd party tools into the feature set.



just now i installed 3Ds MAX 9 trial … and the SP1

iam able to run it in vista with windows Aero

but i got the same problem
"Triangle! symbol: DLL <C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max
9\stdplug\DxPlugins\DxDDS.bmi>failed to initialize. Error code: 998 -
Invalid access to memory location.

also when i use it i can only use on window and the other appear white like in the pic below

this problem appear when i used OpenGL and Direct3D but with software it seems everything is ok so far


The white flickering viewports are because you havent disabled Desktop Compisition. You MUST disable it by right clicking on the max icon, going to the compatability tab, and disabling visual themes and desktop composition.

Once that is done, you will have a perfectly workable copy of max running on Vista, except for that DDS bmi thing. And unless you plan on working extensively with DX shaders, you can just ignore that error until Autodesk does something about it.
If you absolutely positively MUST have DX shaders and/or absolutely MUST get rid of the error box, there is a solution for that too.

Have a look around the developer section at the nVidia web site. There is some sort of DDS sdk… Download that and install it. It has a version of the BMI which gets rid of the error message and sorts out DX shaders quite nicely.

Good luck

p.s I will also have a look to see if I can find that file and post a link if I do.


I may be very wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is the file you want…


Good luck, oh, I should also mention that even with Prod Booster 1, you cant run Max with Aero… Unless I missed something, but hell, its not like aero is anything special.

Good luck


i download the file but the it didn’t solve the problem

also i have problem with the perspective view when i use Direct 3D Display… it appear like the pic below

this problem happen 1 weeks ago when i was using max 8
everything was ok … but suddenly the view appear like this

and it also happen with max 9 … so do u have a solution for it


That looks like it could be a driver issue, make sure you have the absolute latest for your card.

I will go and have another look at the nvidia website to see if I can remember which download solved the problem. Though, when you installed it, did you overwrite your max bmi file with the one that was installed with the package?


this problem appear when i installed the lastest updates from invidia

also when i install the packege it didn’t ask me to overwrite it

i use this path when i install it ( C/Program files/Autodesk/3Ds MAX 9 )


I cant help you with the strange viewports, but as far as the dxDDS.bmi file goes, drop it in Autodesk\3ds Max 9\stdplugs\dxplugins , overwriting the file that exists there.

Obviously, you should back up the existing file first, and I take no responsibility if it breaks your computer/installation/graphics card/heart/vase.


I’ve read this from multiple sources, but on my machine, those options are grayed out.

I think it’s because it’s a native 64-bit application, I don’t have that option, but I don’t know. The only option I can select is run as administrator.

Running Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Max9 64-bit. Would love to get rid of this flicker issue without disabling aero.


download DxDDS.bmi from here, unrar, and copy/paste into folder …Autodesk\3ds Max 9\stdplugs\dxplugins and play :wink:


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