3dsmax9 / Vista problems



I am having 3dsmax9 / Vista problems. I am using Vista Ultimate. I am using licensed version of 3dsmax9. I am forced to use Classic Windows theme, Vista’s Aero theme just does not work with 3dsmax. However there are still issues with Classic Windows theme. So far I don’t see any patches or solutions.

  • I keep getting this infamous popup window every time I start 3dsmax9
    "Triangle! symbol: DLL <C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max
    9\stdplug\DxPlugins\DxDDS.bmi>failed to initialize. Error code: 998 -
    Invalid access to memory location.

  • User guide won’t work

  • 4 screens at the same time won’t work (I am forced to use one screen)

  • Communication center will not work

Any help will be appreciated… thanks for your time.



this is because max does not support vista
nor does it support DirectX 10
refer to Max’s system requirements.

disable/rename/delete DxDDS.bmi to get rid of the error


You´ll want to keep an eye on this: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/item?siteID=123112&id=9078227
Vista and DirectX 10 support.


Sometimes you can check here too :



BeSStia, yes I was hoping for something like that! Unfortunately we do not know when it should be released. How soon is “soon”?



According to the Press Releases posted by news sites:

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster will be available for download by Autodesk Subscription customers on March 29, 2007. First Customer Ship (FCS) will be on April 4, 2007.



PiXeL_MoNKeY, Thanks!


Now it is past April 4, 2007. I am wondering if anyone received the Productivity Booster from Autodesk yet? For Vista?


i downloaded some stuff from autodesk, but it didn’t really “boost” my productivity !


The productivity booster is available on the subscription section of the autodesk website.

It apparently gives vista support to max9…I have not been able to get it to work.


I got Max 9 working with Vista Home Premium on 2 identical machines I’m using as render nodes.

Since I’m a subscription customer, I have Extension 1 loaded, but it was still very difficult to get configured so backburner could run properly.

I think, rather than buy new Windows Vista machines, if I need more renderfarm horsepower this year I’ll just put new guts in my older render nodes and stay with Win XP.


Just thought I would quickly add my two cents.

First, I have the productivity booster, and I gotta say, its working quite nicely on my Vista Ultimate. DX10 Support is there and there are one or two minute new features.

Secondly, I dont know if the booster is available from the Autodesk website yet, but you can get Max running by right clicking on its Icon and going to the compatability tab, selecting disable visual themes and desktop compositing, and run in administrator mode. This doesnt fix the dll problem, but at least it fixes the viewport problem. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card, and run Max in DirectX mode.

That should sort you out until you are able to get a hold of the productivity booster.


Hey thanks all for your replies!

Finally after downloading and installing the new extension… 3dsmax9 is finally working better on Vista. I am also able to leave Aero on.

One thing I noticed… Open GL still does not work well, Direct X is currently the best option.


Hi Guys,

my Max 9 is still not working with Vista - I have vista home premium - and is the Extension that people are talking about the same as the Sp 1 that’s available at the Autodesk site?


Hi Soloman,

SP1 is not the same as the Productivity Booster, and doesn’t fix the Vista Problems. Can you be more specific about the problems you are having with Max under Home Premium?


I changed the compartibility settings as advised above - but when I open Max, it hangs up - I see the application and the opening window but both are white - it doesn’t go further than that

so is there are way of getting the Productivity Booster without being on the subscription plan??

somehow it seems unfair that others have a patch that makes 9 work on Vista and others are left who paid for the program.


I got mine through my subscription membership. I don’t know if there is another way around it.


Get a subscription. I really don’t understand why someone would spend $3500 bucks on this thing and not run with the subscription program. It is pretty simple math upgrades come out every 12-14 months, upgrades cost $795 US, subscription costs $440 (or simply put $37 bucks a month…way cheaper than cable TV… more fun too). If you know your going to upgrade, which generally most do, unless you only plan on upgrading every 3.3-4 years, why not keep your investment up to date (man that sounds straight out of AME marketing:P ) Why didn’t you get a sub. If you don’t mind me asking?

Doesn’t seem unfair to me. It is a subscription benefit. You know something that you recieve for “being a supporting customer”


As a subscriber, I also dont think it’s very fair.

I have been using Max for a long time, and when I finally managed to buy my first 100% legit copy, I was overjoyed. Never mind the fact that it cost as much as my first car. But some people only use Max for fun, hobbyists, and a subscription for a hobbyist is rediculous.

At the end of the day, Im guess Im saying that there are plenty of reasons for not having a subscription, and so making an upgrade like PB1 available to subscription members only is not fair to people who bought the package, but didnt want, or couldnt afford the subscription. They now have a $3,500 package which they cant use on Vista, even though there is a solution available. Not fair!

Soloman: As far as I know, Autodesk has promised to release the Productivity Booster to non-subscription users soon after it has been released to subscribers. Since the PB has been available to subscribers for a month already, Im sure it will be available to everyone else soon.
(There is more than one way to skin a cat ;))


Sorry this is getting OT

If I were a “hobbyist” I think I would consider using less expensive solutions such as XSI or even Maya complete not to forget Blender.

So in reply to your second comment, all those individuals still who paid $3500 for max1-8 and don’t have a subscription/upgrades should also get Vista support? Sorry I don’t see the validity to your comment. There are quite a few highend tools out there that currently do not support Vista. I really don’t think that having immediate support for a too new for production OS is really that big a deal myself, seems pretty gimmicky to me. Of course these are only my opinions:shrug:

When I finish installing a dual-boot with Vista 64, I’ll give some more constructive comments. Onward with the eyecandy:)

EDIT: Raally though is it going to make max run better, right now? That is what is important isn’t it? I guess that remains to be seen.