3dsmax videos course - tdt3d



TDT3D is proud to offer you 44 new 3ds max videos course (for beginner), this videos is done by Carole Demasy (www.artkm.be).

Enjoy you learn of this great piece of 3D Software :wink:

Check out video


are these videos in english? I hope they are…that would be awesome.


Right in english :slight_smile:


These look pretty cool, but a couple of things. The video is encoded at 100 fps. If you want to speed it up just retime, otherwise it’ll drop frames or get jerky and be harder to follow. And I guess I just assumed there would be audio in it too. It’s a bit hard to understand without an audio track or some other indicator of what’s going on if you don’t know max well. Other than that it looks like a great resource. I’ve been wanting to try max out, and this looks like a good place to start.



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