3dsMAX to Nuke workflow


Hi. I’m planning a project in which I want to utilize MAX to build base gemoetry and import the objects and camera into Nuke for camera projection and compositing. In that regards I wonder whats the best workflow for working between MAX and Nuke ? I noticed there are many scripts out there, any suggetions which is the standard ? Any tutorials or other info is aslo appreciated.



best results and best workflow i had with the “Nuke’Em” script, it will export a nuke file with all the geometry and transforms and cameras inside

works better then exporting an fbx and rebuilding the scene for yourself


Here’s the link to Nuke 'Em: http://www.creativecrash.com/nuke/downloads/applications/3d-converters/c/nuke-em-max-to-nuke-exporter--2

Let me know if you have any trouble with it or any questions on how to use it.

If you can afford it I also recommend XMesh by Thinkbox. I played around with it in Nuke and it worked great.


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