3Dsmax to Maya MR scene setup


Heya guys, I’ve made a 4 secs animation with MR using only final gather, my scene setup is set to centimeter, i used max and min radius correctly with my scene scale with a 300 rays calculation, rebuild is on and no secondary bounces.
I exported scene in tga format, it runs smoothly, no flickering or problem whatsoever.
That was in max !
Now i exported same model, tried the very same parameters in maya, exported tgs sequence as well and i now get flickerings ?
Does it come from filtering problem ??
I 'm running under max8 and maya 7.0
What could it come from ?
Anyone, I have no reply so far ?


Hey guys, nobody ever tried to do render same scene in different softwares using Mr ??
I tried again and still get flickering in my animation, do I have to set a different filter within Maya ??


Your scene extents might have changed during translation. You either have to re-evaluate the proper min/max radii for finalgathering, or set it up for view based sampling.


Heya, I think I’m getting there, it’s my first scene conversion, so i’m learning here :slight_smile:
what do you mean by:“or set it up for view based sampling.”, you mean the option ?
THX a lot, don’t you think it is a filter issue ? Do you render using elliptic filter with MR ??
THX again!


It’s the finalgather view option, yes. It lets you add finalgather points based on the camera view rather than on the scene size.

Uhm… I usually use the quadratic filter with 0.2 to 0.3 filter value, it’s easier and more comfortable to use than the not-so-fancy custom nodes. And the quality/performance-drop is really not that big compared to the elliptical filter.


Heya Floze, I managed to render my scene tweaking min/max radius a tiny bit, but i din’t find your “view based sampling” option, where is it ? I saw in other threads that skylight can be turned on with bonustools, i may try that in order to see the lighting difference, i honestly prefer the 3dsmax feel to it, i get much contrasted shadows and color transition with 3ds skylight. Render time is twice faster in 3ds as well, don’t know why though!

I realize how different MR can be from one package to another…I’m lucky not to render in XSI as well lol :wink:


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