3dsmax - Spine Rigging (Wiring Rotations).. HELPPP PLEASE ME


four spine bones and a control object for the spine is what i have in my scene.
the control object is linked with the 1st(bottom) spine bone.

my main problem is setting up the wire rotations for the spine. this is how i do it:

  1. i select the control object, right click, and choose Wire Parameters.

  2. from the pop-up menu, i choose transform > rotation > X rotation

  3. then click on 2nd (2nd to lowest) spine bone and

choose the same thing… transform > rotation > X rotation

  1. in the Parameter Wiring dialog i select the entire rotation listing, (X, Y, Z)

  2. then click on the —> right arrow and click connect.

the bones turn to a different direction but the way i fix that is on the Hierarchy panel,

i click Affect Pivot Only (control object is selected), and rotate it around to put the spine bones into the position it should face. these next steps is where i have my problem.

  1. with control object selected, i hold ALT and press Freeze rotation, and freeze the selection of the 2nd spine bone (2nd to lowest) the same way.

  2. select control object, right click, and choose transform > rotation > keyframe XYZ > X rotation

and click on the 2nd spine bone and select the same parameters

from the pop-up menu. (transform > rotation > keyframe XYZ > X rotation)

  1. in the Parameter Wiring dialog, highlight the Keyframe XYZ:Euler XYZ listing on each side,

click on the —> right arrow, and click connect.

the rotations should be set up and the 2nd spine bone should rotate twice as fast as the 1st one (bottom spine bone) to simulate it like a real spine. what happens is when i rotate the control object in the X axis to make the spine bend back and forward, the lowest pine bone bends normally but the rest of the spine bones from spine bone 2 make 360°.

any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for such a long “problem” :wink:


Ok so basically you want the base bone ‘pelvis’ to drive all the other bones rotation. Max wireparams work simliar to maya set driven key, you need a driver and a driven. The driven is always picked first then the driver.

So pick the second bone in the chain, and wire it to the first.

(hit the ‘<’ button and connect in the wireparam dialog.

Then do this again with the 3rd to the first.
Then the fourth to the first.

driven > driver is the key. You can freeze transform to the lot befor you start if you want.

or you could instance an euler_xyz() controller across the lot, by selecting all the bones and typing $.rotation.controller = euler_xyz(), then return in the listener. Now rotating the base will rotate each up the chain.



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