3DSMAX 7 is here


Saw this article this morning on maxunderground.com

 MONTREAL, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- [Discreet](http://www.discreet.com/), a division of [Autodesk, Inc.](http://www.autodesk.com/) (NASDAQ:[ADSK](http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dadsk%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26safe%3Doff&q=stocks:ADSK+)) and a leader in digital content creation, management, and distribution tools, today announced 3ds max(R) 7 -- the newest version of its acclaimed 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Discreet's 3ds max 7 software will be shown for the first time publicly at the international [SIGGRAPH Exhibition](http://www.siggraph.org/s2004/) in Los Angeles, CA (August 10th - 12th). With over 280,000 registered users worldwide, and a 19% increase in sales revenues in the last year, 3ds max is clearly the most popular professional 3D modeling and animation application available today.



Hurrah for the Edit Poly modifier…AT LAST!!
The turbosmooth thing sounds cool as well as the improvements for large data sets too.


It’s not all we wanted, but I’m more than happy that almost all those features were included in my list…

ohhh edit poly modifier…since 3dsmax4 that we wanted it!!..:thumbsup:

Let’s see what are all the other good but no less important features at Siggraph!


review with screenshots…


no way i pay 1000 eur for an editable poly modifier and upgraded mental ray…
this should be called 3dsmax 5.5


looks ok to me , but i think others will start their wishlist for max 8 .


well, its a step in the right direction, now hopefully the College i go to use max wil pgrade straight away :frowning: (or i can win the lotto and buy a copy :))


w00t :bounce: bout time id say


It’s highly likely that some feature that someone wanted is not in max7.

Neither starting a complaint thread, nor participating in one will have any impact at ALL on max8’s feature set… so let’s stop that train before it starts. At least wait until max7 has been released. :wink:



well, i hope that the integration with CS will bring the euler XYZ rotations to biped… i just HATE work with CBT…

and it seems (at first look) nothing revolutionary… but it seems better than before … more and betters tools, and the long awaited stability… we ll see…


sorry… i cant help myself…:slight_smile:


I agree with gavinb, definitely is a step in the right direction, now for another step :smiley:


hmm… looks more like a patch than an 7.0 to me… what about fixing the thousand bugs that we have to bother with since years instead of adding new ones with each release?

disappointed :frowning:

well, at least an editpoly modifier…


Thought this was addressed in max 6?



How can you be disapointed when you have not see or used it?? How do you know that all the bugs have not been fixed? They never state that in a release? It is always funny to read these posts because I heard the same about versions 4,5 and 6. I also heard it about Maya 4, 5 and 6. Every release so far has been great for me and the producitons that I work on. Why would this one not be the same?


… I agree with paul… the thing either is ship yet!!!

let try it first and it blame later… at leats…


Here’s Discreet’s official pdf on max 7 …



It looks like there might be some additional features that just didn’t get mentioned in the press release. I just saw a screen shot that showed an excellent looking Skin Morph modifier that uses joint angle to control morphing! I’m really excited about that. So, there might be other unmentioned features.




Well my first impressions are that while the improvments don’t seem revolutionary they are things that poeple have have complained about or wantedto see in Max for a long time.

CS integration: This is going to save alot of people alot of money. While I don’t really use it, I know alot of people and companies that do and at 800 smakers a license, this integration is going to balance alot fo budgets. The REAL trick is going to to be having CS updated an improved on for future releases.

MentalRay 3.3: This is one of those things that If Max didn’t do everyone and their grandmothers would be screaming bloody murder. So good move Discreet :slight_smile: My only hope is that they fully integrate MR and not just some parts of it. Include the hair shader! Get the Matte Shadow matterial to work with it!

E-Poly modifier: Again one of those things that everyone has been screaming about for a long long time.

Enhanced interactive performace: The description say “Ongoing program…” what does this mean exactly? I guess Max could use any help it can get really but to have a separate application running in the backround to ensure that Max is running optinmally…hmmm. I like the idea of “enhanced performace” but its description worries me a bit.

Turbosmooth: Meshsmooth sucks, its a resource hog even when it has no iterations applied to it. Hopefully this will be the answer.


Sounds like there’s a lot of good stuff for us game artists this time round. Max 6 didn’t do much for us, but this time it seems the focus has been in our favour.

Epoly at last.

Improved snapping has to be good, smart object culling sounds like a lifesaver in the future for the massive scenes that are going to be required (providing it’s all fast enough).

Turbosmooth is desperately needed, so let’s hope it really is a LOT faster.

Being able to use MR for render to texture is good.

I hope the normal map rendering works properly (by firing rays through to the high res model), unlike the free one that requires the UVs to match.

I’d be interested to see what the WYSIWYG directX materials from standard materials is like, that could save a world of pain.

Skin wrap sounds good. (although that sounds like the skin utility that’s alread in max 6).

Preserve UVs on epoly models sounds like a massive time saver for LODing models.

And so on and so on. You can’t please everyone with every release, but this one sounds like a goody for game artists.


I think what they meant was that they will continue to work on the perfomance.
Not a separate app running in background.

I really like the SkinMorph+Skinwrap and of course the long awaited
Turbosmooth:Never had problems with meshsmooth, but more performance is always a good thing.
Paint selection is great too.
I skipped the Max6 Uprgrade, but i think this time i will upgrade.

And for all the whiners: Geht nach Hause!!