3dsMax 2014


See What’s new in 3dsmax 2014 here


Wow. I’ve been waiting for vector improvements since…er… yeah.

Given the cost I don’t see anything which should have been anything more than a free patch. Promoting viewport improvements as a feature seems sort of… cheap.


With every release of Max, Blender seems like a more viable option.


Ha! That’s actually an improvement I’m excited about :blush: Also, the 2d pan & move should be very useful but I’m not going to hold my breath :slight_smile:


This thing better just be more stable. I welcome the vector inputs, so long as it also works with iRay and other renderers. The perspective match may come in handy for me as well, but it’s not something I would pay more than a few bucks for.

I agree with most everyone, viewport enhancements aren’t really a feature. Adding something like viewport DOF is a feature. Just making it work? That’s a patch. So unless it’s new, don’t call it out as a feature. That’s sort of admitting a mistake.

So if this is more stable then I happily welcome the update. If it’s all crashy like it usually is for the first 6 months? Well, I won’t be surprised at all. I think we all have low expectations, so if it even remotely seems more stable then it might be a win for AD.

Are the particles new? I rarely have projects needing any sort of particle, so I’m not very well versed in them. I think the last time I used them was a year ago making some particles fling off a drill. And now that I think about it I quickly scrapped doing it in max, and just threw them together in AE because the client Thought they wanted nearly a dust cloud, but then realized that was a bit much. Yay for not having to re-render.

Hopefully state sets is improved as well, like it says it is. They are useful, but not at All usable for anything other than their exact workflow. If you didn’t plan to use state sets from the beginning, they are a bit of a pain. I think there were some undo bugs hidden in there as well last time I attempted using it. I stay away from features with undo bugs.


Double post.


Big Features
Crowd animation.
Useful in a lot of ways
but no seating options! Gotta save something for 2015 I suppose.

Looks impressive - Might try an even learn Pflow again!

Minor Features
Vector map support
Finally - Something I could have done with years ago - This is fantastic - Ideally it should include flash .swf files - but will se how it works with PDF. Very important to me but still see it as a minor feature

2D Pan and Zoom.
V.Useful - something that has been missing from all 3d apps.

Viewport Performace & DX11
again impressive - but not a feature just improvements

Perspective matching
should have been in for about 10 years!

So 2 Big new features. 2 smaller ones and 3 updates that are fixes

So how about fixing:
State sets
The extremely disjointed interface - Make it consistent! Make panels dockable
KILL MODAL POP UP WINDOWS! Object Properties! How do you not see this as horrible UI
A Decent Scene manager
The Horrible render options interface - look at C4Ds

Basically Fix stuff you’ve broken and remove all the old legacy junk. If people need it they can boot up an older version!

But what it comes down to is you appear to want
£2,334.50 to upgrade!
£3,335.00 for a new version.
+ £569.25 for a subscription!


the vector map feature is cool, we get a similar workflow for lipsync/expressions to toonboom studio now for vector maps just by flipping through a pdf file and keying the page number by the looks of it.

nice feature…not going to be used by lots of artists but for 2d/3d cartoons it’s very cool looking.


Sh!@#t and i renewed my license…for THIS?!

there not even a mention of CAT improvements (or did i miss that somewhere?)

does anybody know if plugs will have to updated/re compiled AGAIN?! will 2013 versions of plugins work with this release?



With a bit of luck, they just didn’t make it worse then it is in 2013 (as it seems that each max version just introduces more obscure bugs into CAT).


i don;t think any of the 2014 autodesk apps look to be major updates.

of course we’re just seeing the feature headlines for each app.
there looks to be more videos to go up as on several sub pages there’s a graphic which should link to a corresponding video such as the mental ray video that’s not there yet.

at some point a full feature list and bug fixes will go live i hope.

mudbox also has what like just 2 new features!


I guess Outliner will be at 2014 subcsription(or later) and at 2015 it will be in main release so people will be FORCED to switch to another version.
It’s assumption of course but plugins can force to switch.
Max very dependent on 3rd party and it’s very handy to AD.

And what about Naiad - no news - sad. Looks like it appear on next Siggraph


New logo though. That’s something.


DanHibiki LOL Good one!

Anyway…i just HOPE Xray CAT Toolkit will make up for the Bugs and problems ADESK brings to this version…i’m still using max2011 for Christ sake, and i have been renewing my license with Hopes that CAT will be better. :(.

seriously…do u know anyone more stubborn than me?! :(.



To be completely honest most “updates” for 3Dmax should be free patches for the amount of new stuff you get compared to the cash you fork out.

How far are we in 3Dsmax with a Maya like outliner window with clear hierarchy as well as making it possible for use to rotate the camera WHILE using the cut-tool like the split-polygon tool in Maya.
Having recently moved back from Maya to Max again these are two things I really miss.

Cobra 6


this release has only 2 actual new features:

  1. Vector textures

  2. Crowds

$600 to ADSK.

Hey, they had to pay a lot for the re-branding effort :slight_smile:


Or Cinema 4D. Much friendlier environment.


I’m so happy to have ditched my AD subscription, absolutely no regrets in doing so now.



(wow - just noticed this was my 666th post as well!)


deleted because of beta string in url …


The problem is, it will most likely not be improved with max 2015. It will stay like this forever, and at some point be abandoned, or replaced with something entirely different. This is what usually happens with new integrated plugins.