3dsmax 2013 - readchars


hi together,

we using an setup for organizing our scripts from our server to the local machines and putting them on the menu bar…(edited aeron setup) so far all is working fine but we llike to switch to 2013/14 this year and the scirpt seems to have a problem with theese setup. we found that the error seems comming from this part of the script:

scriptFile = “test.ms”
scriptFile = openFile scriptFile mode:“rt”

    macroToolTip = (readExpr scriptFile)
    macroButtonText = (readExpr scriptFile)
    seek scriptFile #eof
    maxlen=filepos scriptFile
    seek scriptFile 0
    skipToString scriptFile "--start macro

scriptContent = readChars scriptFile maxlen errorAtEOF:false
print scriptContent
close scriptFile

and over some print testings we found that in max 2013 there seems that the readchars command is not working correctly. in max2012 the print command shows the whole script we opened but in 2013 there is nothing inside.

have anyone an idea what is going on here?




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