3dsmax 2012 Performance Driver


Hello, colleagues!

The situation:
I was using 3dsmax 2011 with performance driver for my Quadro 600, that gives a great improvement in the viewport. Now ive got 2 problems: 1) 3dsmax 2012 that doesnt use the quadro performance driver and 2) in a few weeks i`ll have Quadro 4000 in my working machine.
With Quadro 600 and 3dsmax 2012 even with this f**n “great” nitrous i have significant loss in fps in viewport. On the other hand in 2011 there are much more bugs then in 2012. So 2011 = bugs, 2012 = slow viewport.

Possible solution:
I`m trying to implement the viewport driver from 2011 in 2012. So i copied 3dsmaxpd.drv to 3dsmax2012 folder. Then i corrected 3dsmax.ini to use this driver. But when i ran 3dsmax, i saw that the viewport driver is not loaded, the viewports were gray. Also i noticed that there is no option in 2012 to use Custom Viewport Driver.

So i need your help to hack 3dsmax 2012 to use the Quadro Performance Driver from 2011. And please do not say that nitrous is fast. Nitrous is faster than directx but it is surely slower than viewport with Performance Driver. It is slower by 3 times. The testings was made with “Geforce 470 and Nitrous” vs “Quadro 600 and Performance Driver”.

As i know the main code of 3dsmax is not changing for ages so it should be possible to use older features and drivers. Am i wrong?


Why not instead of getting a quadro 4000 simply get a good geforce card?

Saves you allot of money and you get good performance


Yes, you are.


Im getting Quadro at work place. The money is no point. Just want to find out is it possible to get a smooth viewport. Also im going to use it at Premiere and AfterEffects and Houdini. GeForce is not the best solution.

About good performance. I cannot play simple RealWave animation on Geforce - it is abou 3-4fps. And about 15 fps on Quadro 600. It is not possible to work on complex scenes so, with GeForce.


I don’t really see why one would choose a Quadro card today, beyond the additional GPU memory you get with it of course.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Nitrous was designed from the ground up for 3dsmax and to give the best possible performance on “general” GPUs like GeForce and and Radeon. In other words, Nitrous works similar to what Performance Drivers used to do by provided a rendering platform dedicated to 3dsmax specifically. To my knowledge Direct3d is more of a general graphics API which was not designed with 3dsmax’s system in mind so to speak.

The only reason I would like to see Performance Drivers for 2012 (and possibly 2013) is that it completely got rid of the slight viewport lag you got from navigating your scene using a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. This lag was introduced in 2011, but was completely gone with Performance Drivers for some reason.


So? Nitrous is not so good. Ill test is on Quadro 4000 in a few days vs GeForce 560 again and ill make some printscreens.


Nice. Looking forward to the result.


So, ive made tests using the GTX 275, GTX 560, my Quadro 600 and new Quadro 4000. Its a pity but ive forgotten the screens from Quadro 4000 at workplace. Screen will be here tomorrow. As we can see Quadro 600 is 4 times faster on playing 1 million animated polygons. But what i want to say is not good, Quadro 4000 is not much better. It gives nearly the same results. Ill show it tomorrow. Ill make additional tests with Quadro 4000 on Nitrous and if it is interesting can make some additional tests but it is not the point of this topic. I think it is now clear that Quadro with Performance Driver, the cheapest Quadro with driver performs better than Geforce with Nitrous. Ok?

So does anyone have ideas on how to make Performance Driver work on 2012?


Why are you comparing HW+AO on the quadro on Max 2011 to Shaded mode in nitrous on Max 2012 on the other cards ? I twould be more logical to compare the performance driver ( i guess you use them on Max 2011 ) with Max 2012 D3D driver…
And there is more to viewport performance: eg. you use one single material, that does’nt really stress viewport display…
Mind to share the scene, so we can compare ourself on 2011 vs nitrous on 2012 ?


Ok. Thanks. I didnt notice that HW was turned on. Testing were made early in the morning.) In Smooth mode it gives +1FPS(see the attachements). And secondly it really doesnt matter cause Quadro is faster not twice, it is faster 4 times. If lots of people here want Quadro testings we can make it with normal heavy scene shared for everyone with materials and textures etc. But it is not the point of this topic. For me it is understood that Nitrous is slower, Quadro with PD is faster. And it is the law of life))) So I`ll keep trying to make PD work on 2012. Any help will be appriciated)


So the results of whole testing shows that i was a little bit wrong. The Nitrous is not so bad. You can see the results and comments in the attachement. The topic is closed

And the printscreens from all the PCs


Xylonite, could You post the results again?
I’m REALLY curious how the compare to each other.
I’m facing the problem if should go for quadro600 or gf560, and these charts might be very useful.



Its about a year have passed since i was testing the graphic cards and now charts is lost. But since that moment ive also worked on several different systems and there is really no big difference between using Quadro card with Performance drivers and any card with Nitrous. But in case with Nitrous you need to do some tweaking and work in shaded mode otherwise the complex scenes is difficult in manipulating.
Its a pity but 3dsmax viewport will never be ideal smooth.
So I think that graphic card is not the main point when upgrading PC. For example changing main drive to SSD can dramatically improve overall performance and give you much comfort in work.
And if you are going to render with your graphic card get Geforce 580. There is no real benefit in Quadro when using 3dsmax+PS+AE.


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